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Poland Renaissance Units 1.0


  1. Darkator
    All units except the winged hussar are of my authorship
    The winged hussar is by Danrell

    Winged Hussar ---- Mongol Keshik.kfm
    Towarzysz Pancerny ---- Knight.kfm
    Lisowczyk ---- inclued Cuirassier.kfm
    Polish Infintary Swordsman ---- inclued (light_swordsman.kfm)
    Polish Nobleman ---- inclued (light_swordsman.kfm)
    Polish Pikeman ---- Pikeman.kfm
    Chosen Infinatry ---- inclued Janissary.kfm

    poland units1.png poland units2.png


    1. poland units1.png
    2. poland units2.png

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