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Portugal All Eras! (Civ 4 BTS 3.19) v3.1.0

20 Portuguese Leaders. 9 Civs (Portuguese Eras), 9 UUs and 9 UBs.

  1. Portugal All Eras! (Civ 4 BTS 3.19) v3.1

    Added Duarte Pacheco Pereira, called the Portuguese Achilles (Aquiles Lusitano) by the poet Camões, was a Portuguese sea captain, soldier, explorer and cartographer. He travelled particularly in the central Atlantic Ocean west of the Cape Verde islands, along the coast of West Africa and to India. His accomplishments in strategic warfare, exploration, mathematics and astronomy were of an exceptional level.

    The only one that I can apply Charismatic and Seafaring :)

    Enjoy :)