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Portugal Civilization (Civ 6 vanilla and R&F) V17.1Beta

Portuguese empire at their best times!

  1. raen
    Portuguese empire with Afonso de Albuquerque and Joao II as leaders!

    Henry the Navigator Legacy, Mare Clausum, Conquest By Sea, Early Globalization, Nau, Feitoria, Padrão, are traits for conquering the world by exploring by sea.
    More Info!

    Still beta version, any problem please let me know.

    Albuquerque game start Screen:
    Spoiler :

    Joao II game start Screen:
    Spoiler :

    Grande Explorador ( Great Explorer) => Great People (with fall update coming probably needs changing!)::
    Spoiler :

    The Portfolio (Final, unless we can replace great people or have sea only traders):

    João II (Sea Devotion Ability)
    Afonso de Albuquerque (Mare Clausum Ability)

    Caravela Latina (João´s Units)
    Nau (Portugal´s unit)
    Caravela Redonda (Albuquerque´s Unit)
    Botafogo (1 bonus unit built by a Grande Explorador)
    Flor Do Mar (1 bonus unit built by a Grande Explorador)

    Moar´s alike Units:
    Pastor Lusitano (Replaces Scout)
    Barca (Replaces Dhow)

    Exploration of New World (Project of Porto, replaces regular harbor project) --> For João
    Nau Do Trato (Project of Porto, replaces regular harbor project) --> For Albuquerque
    Marchas Populares (Project of Bairro Alto)

    Great Explorers
    Grande Explorador (to Replace Great Admiral)

    Padrão (Built by Grande Explorador!) --> For João
    Feitoria (Built by Grande Explorador!) --> For Albuquerque

    Bairro Alto (Portuguese unique type of district) -> One Per City
    Porto (Replaces harbor for Grande Explorador purposes) -> One Per City

    Farol (Replaces Lighthouse for Grande Explorador purposes) => One Per City
    Estaleiro(Replaces Shipyard for Grande Explorador purposes) => One Per City
    Porto Marítimo (Replaces Seaport for Grande Explorador purposes) => One Per City

    National Wonders
    Escola de Sagres (Requires Estaleiro) --> For João
    Casa da índia (Requires Porto Marítimo) --> For Albuquerque

    Macau replaces Lisbon

    Technologies (Medieval => Renaissance)
    Nautical Science (requires Ship Building, Celestial Navigation and Military Tactics; Required for Cartography and Mass Production)

    EDITED the tech tree (besides adding nautical science) with no ORPHANS! The new tech and civic trees:

    Tech Tree since Sailing

    Civic Tree since Naval Tradition

    Enjoy! :)


    Spoiler :

Recent Reviews

  1. Prime.
    Version: V0.5 Beta
    Working great so far, unique ideas which make a different playstyle from the other civs. Looking forward to the cosmetic changes!
    1. raen
      Author's Response
      Many thanks! You just gave me a boost (civ 6 feature :)). I will add more then cosmetic real soon!
  2. GabrielFM07
    Version: V0.5 Beta
    Working perfectly here, it lacks some icons and descriptions but for a beta it's perfect, not experienced any crash, bug or conflict while playing :D
    1. raen
      Author's Response
      Many Thanks! all your comments in "Discussion" and this review make me go even more forward with this project to add Portuguese.