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Portugal is NAU Module 1 - Nau is Bigger NAU! 2.0

Breaking Portugal is NAU! into modules. First Module is Nau is Bigger NAU!

  1. raen
    Breaking Portugal is NAU! into modules. First Module is Nau is Bigger NAU!

    Requires Portugal PACK DLC


    Nau's first objective was to sail further, later as a battleship, and lastly, this complete vessel got more into commercial and got bigger and bigger, making more into trade than to war.

    Portugal´s Nau is bigger now, one Nau instead of two, and also adds escort mobility movement to a land unit.

    Also adds Nau do Trato (Sea Trader), biggest Nau for Trade.
    UA: "Unique Sea Trader to trade exclusively with coastal city-states. Starting at Harbor and entering the borders of up to 3 city-states, and back to Harbor adds money to treasure, 20, 100, 500 gold, respectively.

    PS: To use this, disable Portugal is Nau!
    In the future, all modules summed => Portugal is Nau!


    @Deliverator - Civ 5 units for civ 6
    @ShiroToraRyu - Nau hull painted black for Nau do Trato.
    @DeepSoul - Historical moments assemble art