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Portugal is NAU! v2.5

Adds 8 new leaders and more than 8 new ships, and much more...Requires official Portugal Pack DLC.

  1. raen

    Adds 8 new leaders and more than 8 new ships, and much more...

    Important note: requires official Portugal Pack DLC to run.


    Adding to Casa da India: Provides an envoy with a coastal City-State when you establish a Trade Route. Each International City provides a free trading post. After researching Nautical Science and Exploration, Naval units gain the ability to enter ocean tiles and can form into fleets or Armadas, respectively. Portugal can recruit Grande Explorador but cannot recruit Great Admiral and starts with one and only Pastor Lusitano instead of Warrior.

    Changing name of Casa da India to Lusiadas.

    Adding to Nau: Also transfers its Movement to escorted units.

    Navigation School at Nautical Science Tech added by this mod. Navigation School or University can be built, they are mutually exclusive.


    Afonso Henriques

    UA: Country Reconquest

    UU: Cavaleiro da Ordem

    UU: Privateer Galley (Gale Corsaria). Unique Naval Melee unit is available at Mercenaries. Galley alike but can plunder and steal ships.



    UA: National Pride

    UU: Cavaleiro da Ordem

    UU: Galera - Replaces Quadrireme with +1 sight range and +1 range. Gains additional strength when within one tile of an embarked Trader Unit or around fishing boats.

    UI: Universidade Portuguesa


    Joao I

    UA: Illustrious Generation

    UU: Mestre de Avis - Replaces Spy. More chance when recruiting Partisans. Starts with Seduction and Quartermaster promotions

    UU: Barca - Replaces Dhow. + 5 melee strength. Also transfers its Movement to escorted units.


    Infante D. Henrique

    UA: Naval Order

    UU: Caravela Latina - Replaces Dhow and Unlocks with Exploration. +1 Movement and +1 Visibility on the coast.


    Joao II

    UA: Sea Devotion

    UU: Caravela Latina - Replaces Dhow and Unlocks with Exploration. +1 Movement and +1 Visibility on coast.

    UU UA: Caravela Latina Milestones - Caravela Latina, upon moving adjacent to an uncrowded Coastal hill with an adjacent Luxury or Resource, places a Padrao on it.


    Manuel I

    UA: Manueline Style

    UU: Caravela Redonda - Replaces Caravel with +5 Combat Strength and available ate Square Rigging. Gains additional strength when within two tiles of an embarked Trader Unit, and increases the Combat of adjacent Naval Units by +5.


    Afonso de Albuquerque

    UA: Mare Clausum

    UU: Nau da Armada - Unique ranged naval unit that may pillage coastal tiles. Receives a bonus vs cities and gold when a city is captured within two tiles of a Nau based on the number of luxuries around the City.


    Joao III

    UA: Porta do Cerco

    UU: Galeao - Replaces Frigate. Gains additional strength when adjacent to a Trader unit, and increases the Combat Strength of adjacent Nau by +5. Also transfers its Movement to escorted units.

    UU: Nau do Trato - Unique Sea Trader to trade exclusively with city-states, entering their borders, up to 3, and back to Porto adds money to treasure, 20, 100, 500.


    Sebastiao I

    UA: heroic aspiration

    UU: Terco


    BONUS CIV Lusitania


    UU: Pastor Lusitano


    UA: Brave Heart and Soul

    UU: Cacador Lusitano

    UU: Guerreiro Lusitano


    Macau replaces Lisbon


    Connective Justice (new Diplomatic Policy)
    + 6 new diplomacy policies:
    Fair Trade
    Silent War
    Mare Nostrum
    Spices Trade
    Trade Monopoly
    Postcolonial Community


    Nautical Science (requires Ship Building, Celestial Navigation, and Military Tactics; Required for Cartography and Mass Production)


    True Start Location

    Added YnAEMP support for maps:
    - Giant Earth
    - Greatest Earth Map
    - Large Europe
    - Largest Earth Custom
    - Play Europe Again


    More info and Credits here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/civ-6-portugal-civilization-not-compatible-with-nfp-portugal-lusitânia.603875/


    Support Info:
    - Changes Tech tree to add "nautical science" and have no orphan techs & civics. Other mods who change tech tree may have some incompatibility ("Civ 6 Tech and Civics Tree Without Orphans By raen").
    - "New Diplomatic Policies By Raen" integrated with the mod.
    - I integrated Real Great People from infixo to make "grande explorador", I am always looking for updates in this one. The support info is that you don't need real great people to play it, otherwise will be in conflict (duplication)
    - YnAEMP support added, it removes pastor Lusitano at the start though, when active.

    Enjoy :)
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