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Portugal: Lords of Exploration (G&K version) v.1 2016-10-05

Portugal: Lords of Exploration (G&K version) v.1

  1. jaldaen
    Portugal: Lords of Exploration (G&K version) (v.1)
    by Joseph Miller (aka jaldaen)

    -1- Description
    -2- Potential Mod Conflicts
    -3- Version History
    -4- Credits
    -5- Contact information

    == Description ==

    Leader: Manuel I, the Fortunate.

    Lords of Exploration (Unique Trait): Embarked units gain +1 movement, +1 sight, and are better able to defend themselves. Free Explorador (Great General) when you research Compass.

    Explorador (Unique Unit): This Portuguese Unique Great Person replaces the Great General. While providing the same combat bonuses as a normal Great General, the Explorador ignores terrain when moving and can build forts, trading posts, and all the luxury resource improvements, except the quarry.

    Feitoria (Unique Building): The Feitoria is the Portuguese unique building, replacing the Harbor. It allows "water routes" between cities, increases the city's defenses and naval unit production, and provides +1 Gold for each luxury resource worked by the city.

    This mod is compatible with the Gods and Kings expansion.

    == Potential Mod Conflicts ==

    This mod will conflict with other mods that add Portugal as a civilization.

    If you notice any other conflicts, then please let me know.

    == Version History ==

    This is the first version.

    == Credits ==

    Derek "Kael" Paxton for his Modder's Guide.
    Thalassicus for their Modder's Starter Package.
    Portuguese Empire (Map) by MarcosCeia (used under Creative Commons liscense).
    Shiny Portuguese Cross Icons by Jeff Culbertson.

    == Contact information ==

    I can be contacted via PM on the civfanatics forum. My user name is: jaldaen.


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