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Portugal: Lords of Exploration (v.2) 2016-10-05

Portugal: Lords of Exploration (v.2)

  1. jaldaen
    Portugal: Lords of Exploration (v.2)
    by Joseph Miller (aka jaldaen)

    -1- Description
    -2- Potential Mod Conflicts
    -3- Version History
    -4- Credits
    -5- Contact information

    == Description ==

    This mod adds Portugal as a playable civilization.

    Leader: Manuel I, the Fortunate. King of Portugal and the Algarves of either side of the sea in Africa, Lord of Guinea and of Conquest, Navigation and Commerce of Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia and India, etc.

    Lords of Exploration (Unique Trait): Embarked units gain +2 movement and can defend. +1 Culture per turn from specailists in your Capital.

    Explorador (Unique Unit): This Unit gains +1 movement and can build forts, trading posts, and all the luxury resource improvements, except for the quarry.

    Feitoria (Unique Building): The Feitoria is the Portuguese unique building, replacing the Harbor. It increases it allows "water routes" (see rules) between cities, increases the city's defenses and naval unit production, and provides +1 Gold for each luxury resource worked by the city.

    == Potential Mod Conflicts ==

    This mod will conflict with other mods that add Portugal as a civilization.

    If you notice any other conflicts, then please let me know.

    == Version History ==

    Version .2 Changes:
    -Added unique player color and art resources for Portugal.
    -Switched out the fast river movement in favor of granting +1 Great Merchant point per turn and free Great Merchant when you research Astronomy.
    -I cut the Explorador's Foreign Lands bonus, but gave them +1 movement and allowed them to make trading posts and all the luxury resource improvements, except for the quarry.
    -Switched Feitoria to become a replacement for the Harbor that provides a slight increase to defense and grants +1 gold for each luxury resource worked by the city.

    Reasoning: I switched the river movement to GM points and a free GM because it was more fitting to the civilization's history. I considered dropping the embarked units bonuses, but it just didn't feel right for Portugal to not have some maritime advantage in regards to transporting units. The Explorador was changed because it made more sense to allow the unit to explore faster and it doesn't step on the French's toes. The change in the Feitoria was because I only found one example of an inland feitoria (along a river), while I found numerous examples of feitorias along the coast. In addition, I didn't like the feel of the mod because a player could effectively ignore the naval techs in favor of economic ones in the previous version.

    Note: I switched to Darius for the leaderhead stuff because he looks more like a king than Washington and speaks in a foreign language and so its less distracting and more immersive when you meeting him as an AI player.

    Version .1:
    -Added Portugal as playable civilization.

    Reasoning: The combination of these traits makes Portugal live up to its king's title as: Lord of Conquest, Navigation, and Commerce.
    Since Portuguese nuas (carracks) were mainly used as transports and slower than caravels, I decided to make the unique unit the Portuguese explorador instead. In order to mimic the Portuguese use of naus, I gave Portugal the ability to have their embarked units defend and move faster than normal.
    Since the embarked units ability doesn't come into play in some maps, I also gave the Portuguese faster movement along rivers, which fits their exploration theme.

    The Portuguese feitoria is designed to mimic the fortified trading posts that the Portuguese set up throughout the world.

    Note: This is an alpha stage mod and I'm not an artist so I used Washington's art for the leader stuff.

    If someone is an artist and wants to help me to come up with unique art for Manuel, the exploradors, and the feitoria, then please let me know. I also wouldn't mind someone helping me put together some circular icons for Portugal to match those of the other civilizations. Also if someone knows how to edit the audio files to make a unique dialogue set for Manuel, I'd love to have the extra help.

    == Credits ==

    Derek "Kael" Paxton for his Modder's Guide.
    Thalassicus for their Modder's Starter Package.
    Portuguese Empire (Map) by MarcosCeia (used under Creative Commons liscense).
    Shiny Portuguese Cross Icons by Jeff Culbertson.

    == Contact information ==

    I can be contacted via PM on the civfanatics forum. My user name is: jaldaen.


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