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Portugal Mod (Version 1.01) [Civ] 2016-10-05

Portugal Mod (Version 1.01) [Civ]

  1. jaldaen
    Hello all you Civilization IV: Colonization fans!

    This mod adds the Portugal Civilization into the game along with two new leaders: Mem de Sa and Dom Pedro II. This is meant for play with vanilla Colonization, but it should not be too difficult to add to other mods (I put all the changed text at the top of the XML files for easy access).


    1) This Portugal mod is meant to work with vanilla Col2 with the minimum of changes.
    2) Although Portugual's history lends itself to conquest and trade, the Spanish and Dutch already have those niches in this game. So the Portuguese trait needed to be something that would lend itself to a unique playing style. I choose exploration because it is one of the FF categories and I think each of the other civs lends itself to the other categories (Dutch: Trade; French Religion; English: Political; and Spanish: Military).


    The Portuguese Trait:

    Free Promotions: Navigation I & II.

    I choose this trait because I wanted Portugal to be focused on naval exploration and trading.

    Starting Units:

    Free Colonist Pioneer & Seasoned Scout Soldier.

    I changed the starting unit to include a Seasoned Scout because it gives the Portuguese a slight advantage in early exploration.


    Mem de Sa's Trait is Militaristic (Free Promotion: Grenadier; I might change this to a unique trait, but this does fit his backgrounds as a pacifier of the enemies surrounding the Brazilian colony).

    Dom Pedro II's Trait is Educator (+100% education; He was renowned for his interest in education and although it has no early game benefit it does make training a lot faster once you get to the mid- to late game)

    Most of the names for settlements are Brazilian, but I do have non-Brazilian cities included at the end of the city list. If people prefer that they be among the first cities, then let me know and I'll move them up.


    I am always looking for feedback. This is my first mod and so I'm sure there can be improment be it in the form of tweaking the traits of the Civ and leaders. So if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, then please let me know in this thread and I'll address them ASAP. Thanks ;)


    1) Download the latest version of "Portugal" mod.

    2) Unrar/unzip the mod folder "Portugal" in the mod folder:

    C:\Program Files\2K Games\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Colonization\Mods

    3) Start Colonization.

    4) Press the Advanced button and then the Load a Mod button. Select the Portugal mod from the list and then press the Load button. The game will now load the Portugal mod and you’ll be able to explore the new world with Mem da Sa and/or Dom Pedro II at your convenience.



    Leaderhead Credits:
    Amra's Franz Josef
    Ekmek's Dom Pedro II

    Fonts, Flags, and Button Credits:
    johny smith

    Additional Credits:
    Dale (for letting me use his AoDII files as the basis for my Portugal files)

    P.S.: More mods are planned and I'll be posting about them in both the Colonization Mods section of this sight and on my Google site: