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Poser Props: Boy's Anti Tank Rife (WW2) 2016-10-05

.55 cal English Anti-Tank rifle from WW2.
Designed to pierce the armor of earlier tanks. It had some difficulty with more advanced armor like the Germans used. But did well in other areas (vs. the Japanse armor, vs. all nations APCs and so on).
This model is detailed and fairly accurate. But due to those factors it is not suitable for use in animations on slower systems or those low on ram.

included are:
OBJ, 3ds and Bryce formats. (tested in Bryce 5 and 6)

I release this model intending it to be used in nearly any non-commercial endevour. But, I reserve ownership and copyright. It is intended to be used in the creation of free content for Civ3. If you have any questions or concerns email before you use them.
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