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Post-Apocalyptic Caravans 2016-10-05

Post-Apocalyptic Caravans

  1. Refar
    Postapocalyptic supply caravans with different cargo types (medical, food, etc)
    2 BP (Brahmin Powers)

    See them in the Fury Road Mod.

    Shader/Nonshader for each one
    Custom animation, however noncombatants only - Run, Idle and Surrender.

    Or maybe even a bit smaller.

    All use the same animation.
    Keep the Caravan_Base.nif even if you dont use it, it is needed for anims.

    The Driver by Chuggi.
    Brahmin made off Charlemagne Oxes.
    The rest, is my.

    You may use it for Civ modding as you like as long as you give proper credit.



    1. caravan_picture_s3y.jpg
    2. caravan_preview_yc6.jpg