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Pounder's Resource File 2016-10-05

Pounder's Resource File

  1. Pounder
    My current compilation of mine and others work.

    I tend to make or seek out resources that are more than just an icon, I want them to blend in well with the terrain.

    I have been putting some resources on my miscellaneous graphics thread, I figured I would just start a resources thread and update it here as I don't have my miscellaneous graphics thread indexed.

    Here is the resource file I use, size is 144, there are 144 spaces filled, I use 131 in my game. I know that some of this is not new, some is.

    I have made some changes to a few peoples work. Some resources I made, the rest are as follows (if I have made a mistake on the credits or forgotten someone, let me know):

    Gojira54: Tropical bird, cactus and chicken to name name a few.

    Mrtn: I think the sheep are his.

    Kyriakos: Removed one silo from his concrete grain elevator so it could be a resource without having to scale it down. Also using his windmill, gallows, archery range, carts (resized to fit), towers, guillotine and a few other buildings. I cut down his cathedral to be resource size.

    Vuldacon: Using his tree, beakers (I recoloured a couple of them) and tropical fruit.

    Zo-zo: Using his island, orchards, container depot, pig farm, stonehenge, teepees, satellite dish, shipyard, crashed ufo, kelp and solar farm. I modded his muskrat lodge to add bulrushes.

    Goldfool: Most of the rest, I made changes to his: Uranium and fishery.

    Pounder: The inferior lighthouse (I use goldfool's instead), the villages, oil tanks, the logs, modded the oasis, modded the incense, made two new chickens, keep out sign, the compound, smokehouse, crops, tanks, gold, coal, iron, quarry, sacrifice temple, island statues, water well, barrels and c`n`p firaxis temple of zeus.

    Note: That some of the resources have been placed in the frame to work better with the mines.

    Note: I don't use shadows, so i won't be producing any shadows file.

    removed version 3.0 after 212 downloads june 26, 2011. Here is version 4.0 with more resources added.