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Prehistoric Era Reborn (20,000BC) (version 28) 11/1/2018

Prehistoric Era Reborn (20,000BC) v26
build 3.12
Stable Release

BUG FIX patch and gameplay enhancement of the old mod Prehistoric Era (v13)

Release notes (v14):

Start the game in 20,000BC.

Improved game pace and corrected year / turn.
Adjusted Unit Balance.
Adjusted Economic Balance.
Limited city growth in the Prehistoric era (Limit 3 cities before 4000BC)
Adjusted barbarian warrior and archer models

ALL NEW feature:
"There were giants in the Earth in those days. Great warriors of old, men of renown."
The book of Enoch

Unique great person that can melee.
Receive one giant after building the Meeting place national wonder.
- Requires Language
- Strength 10 :c5strength:
- Movement 2 :c5moves:

Release Notes (v15)

The long awaited water expansion is here!
-New Building: Dock
-New Sea Unit - Kon Tiki Raft
-Explore the prehistoric coast including rival territory

New Special Unit: Obsidian Archer
- More powerful version of the normal archer but requires obsidian resource to build
- Strength 5 :c5strength:
- Ranged 9 :c5rangedstrength:
- Movement 2 :c5moves:

Release Notes (v16)

Lions are now a major threat in the prehistoric era.

New hunter Unit that uses FLINT.
- Strength 7 :c5strength:
- Movement 2 :c5moves:
- Heals after every kill.

Takes more faith to found a Religion.

Release Notes (v17)

-Lion combat increased to 9 :c5strength:
-New graphic for hunter
-NEW game mechanic (minor religions)
*All civilizations will get a minor religion that will persist even after the founding of the major religions.

Release Notes (v18)
-Two new Units (Great Hero and Great Shaman)
-Four new buildings (Copper Weapons, Copper Jeweler, Hero's Hut, and Shaman Circle)
-New Technology: Copper Forging
-New Luxury: Copper Jewellery
-Longer deals duration on Standard speed
*Bug fix with removing outposts
*Goodyhut revamp

Release Notes (v19)
- NEW process Gather Food converts 25% production into :c5food:
- New building Copper Tools +3 production :c5production:
- Custom graphics for Prehistoric era settlers.

Release Notes (v20)
- Female Shaman added
- NEW unit priestess

Release Notes (v21)
- Female Savage added
- improvements to the Female Shaman

Release Notes (v22)
- Economic Balance Patch
- Less gold from campfire
- Quick game pace adjustment
- New icon for "Shelter" building

Release Notes (v23)
- Settlers from Chieftain hut and Campfire

Release Notes (v24)
- Maya Atlatlist moved to "Scouting" tech
- Chieftain hut requires more Production :c5production:

Release Notes (v25)
- Mounted scout upgrade fix at Horseback riding
- Palace costs increased :c5production:
- New Luxury Cintamani stone.

Release Notes (v26)
- Arrow maker and Obsidian Jeweler added
- Obsidian Jewellery added
- Gather food :c5citizen: moved to Hunting tech

Release Notes (v27)
- Barbarians will now spawn Mammoths
- Strength 11 :c5strength:
- Movement 1 :c5moves:

Release Notes (v28)
- Megalith Building +1 :c5science:
- New national wonder "Great Shrine" +2 :c5faith:
- Tunnel +1 :c5production: and engineer slot
- Farmer's Market +:c5food: and merchant slot

Recommended optional Download mods:
Bronze Age Units
Gobekli Tepe Wonder
Hattusa City

Original Mod credits:
Muppets for:
- original prehistoric idea and g&k mod

CarlosCodex for:
- BNW prehistoric era

Androrc for:
- wildlife & animals

- Muppets! For the original complete mod that I played for hours and hours and inpsired me to make other mods.
- danrell and Patum333 from for their fantastic unit models! (See a complete list below.)
- framedarchitecture for help on making this mod a lot more compatible with other mods!
- JFD, who provided a new trait for France with his "New Beginnings" mod!

Wulfgar, Deliverator, WHoward, danrell, lemmy101
- Horemvore for the resources examples and base art.
- NomadOfWhat for female units and sounds
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Latest reviews

Great, awesome mod. Thanks for updating it. Still love to play Civ5. This Mod is an fantastic addition to the game. Hope you continue working and updating it. A job well done!
Very nice mod which I've been using for a while now. Only thing that bugs me is the amount of turns it takes for most buildings/features to finish. A Totem takes 120 turns, i.e. 6000 years?
The above and Barbarians giving a low amount of 'culture' points, bar lions who give 9 points.
Extremely positive about the mod, overall.
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