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Privateers, Pirates, and Buccaneers V0.5f 2016-10-05

Privateers, Pirates, and Buccaneers V0.5f

  1. Kailric
    Works For Colonization version 1.01f

    Things to Note:

    If you want to keep up to date on the newest version make a post in or subscribe to the below linked forum thread and you will recieve emails each time a new post is made.

    This is a Debug version so please post all crashes or things that don't seem right in the main forum thread linked below.

    Please visit Home Page for full details

    Patch V 0.5h
    Patch Link: http://forums.civfanatics.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=254301&d=1275601381

    Features of this Mod:

    - Play as a Buccaneer Captain with traits designed for Privateering, Raiding, and Pirateing
    - New Founding Captains they give you Privateering benefits to your whole colony.
    - Capture ships with the new Freebooter Unit
    - Open a Smuggler's Port and put your Idle Pirates to work in your Colony running Contraband (Cargo that has been band by your King)
    - Naval Spies
    - Capture enemy Colonists and make the slaves or set them free
    - More uses for Criminals. Think they are useless? Think again!
    - Lots of new Features and mechanics have been added as well
    - Over 23 new Units (Art is mostly reskins)


    Very few of the Descriptions have been filled in. But you can find in the Game Concepts section of the Pedia 3 new Categorys for this mod, they are:
    - Pirate Affiliation and Infamy
    - Pirates, Buccaneers, Freebooters, and Privateers
    - Smugglers
    Please refer to those while in game for an overview of what to do.


    1. smuggling_jMd.jpg
    2. piratepirating_81e.jpg
    3. ss2_W5Z.jpg