Promotion Flags EUI for VP v3

Shows unit promotions next to unit flags - updated for Vox Populi

  1. civplayer33
    Based on the great work by akamal, who integrated Thal's Promotion Flags with bc1's EUI in his old version and is now unfortunately absent from the forum since last year, I present to you an updated, fully VP compatible and improved version of Promotion Flags EUI!

    Changes include:
    • updated to latest VP version, which includes bug fixes for health bars
    • completely reworked the promotion icons such that it now uses the same ones as base VP (from 7a, which is now a dependency)
    • completely reworked promotion grouping and ordering
    • updated / added compatibility with MUC4VP, EEVP, UCS and others
    • cleaned up some code and fixed some bugs
    • added functionality to use the triangle fallback consistently above the Unit Flag and in the Unit Panel to avoid confusion
    • added functionality to allow the user to scroll the horizontal line of promotion icons in the bottom left Unit Panel if that line is long enough to partially disappear behind the Unit Portrait (easier for associating promotion icons with their name and function for those units); included a special version of this for the "small UI" option. To use this just scroll with your mouse wheel while mousing over that line if it is too long (sorry, no scroll bars due to very limited space; you need a mouse wheel)

    But what does this mod do?
    (Displays small 16x16 pixel promotion icons above unit flags on the map so you can more easily keep track of specialized units and for better overview of the battlefield; version 3 pic coming soon)

    It also retains the previous benefits, of course:
    • Safe to add to, or remove from, in-progress games
    • Up to 13 promotion icons per unit (configurable)
    • Promotion icons in the Unit Panel and above the Unit Flag stack for multiple ranks of the same promotion (eg: Drill1\2\3\4)
    • Will use the yellow triangle for promotions where no 16x16px icons is present (eg: for promotions added by mods, or where a mod has changing an existing icon without providing a 16x16px version)
    There are a few settings which can be configured by editing PromoFlags_Settings.lua (defaults shown in bold):
    • ShowUnitFreePromos (true|false) - Show icons for promotions that a unit always gets for free, eg: promotions that provide UU's special abilities
    • ShowLeaderTraitPromos (true|false) - Show icons for promotions given by Leader Traits
    • ShowForPlayer (true|false) - Show icons for the active player's units
    • ShowForOthers (true|false) - Show icons for ai units
    • ShowUnitTypeInUnitPanel (true|false) - Show unit type in the UnitPanel for units that have been renamed
    • MaxPromosToShow (1-13) - Maximum number of Promotion icons for each unit
    • Debug (true|false) - Show Promotion Keys in tooltips, and log debug info to firetuner and lua.log
    If you don't like the little promotion icons above the Unit Flags but want the considerable improvements to the promotion row in the Unit Panel you can simply replace all instances of "true" in the settings file with "false"; this will also mean that the mod uses barely any extra memory.

    As with the original Flag Promotions, this mod will increase memory usage (although it should be less than the original), so it may increase the chance of CTDs late game. This is especially true if used alongside other graphics mods (eg: Hires textures, RED, Ethnic Diversity, etc). Memory usage can be reduced by setting MaxPromosToShow to a lower value, or disabling promotion icons for non-player units.

    To install: quit the game, download and unzip the archive into your MODS folder (find it in C:\Users\your_username\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS) and delete the contents of the "cache" folder (find it in the same folder as the MODS folder).
    Note: Civ 5 + all extensions + Vox Populi (full EUI, VP version from April 2019 or later) are required to run this.

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  1. SuperNoobCamper
    Version: v3
    i consider this to be one of the essential UI mods for VP; simple, clean and perfectly does what it's supposed to do