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Promotions DLL Mod 2016-10-05

Promotions DLL Mod

  1. TheLadiesOgre
    This is just a really simple addition to the DLL. Details in the Readme, sources included.

    v0.1 Downloads: 29
    v0.2 Downloads: 51
    v0.3 Downloads: 6
    v0.31 Downloads: 24
    Updated to v0.40: 22.10.2009

    If you have questions, comments, constructive criticisms, praise or requests feel free to post at the thread below

    Discussion Thread

    If you are downloading this to merge, please comment, I'm interested in knowing who is using this


    1. after_upgrade_b6p.jpg
    2. before_upgrade_LO2.jpg
    3. heroic_strength_i_civilopedia_0Y5.jpg