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Puppet States v1.6 (BTS 3.19) 2016-10-05

Puppet States v1.6 (BTS 3.19)

  1. stolenrays
    Puppet States Mod v1.6 (BTS 3.19)

    This mod was created by isolating the source code of Puppet States from Dom Pedro II's Conquerer's Delight Mod. This mod only includes Puppet States and none of the other features in that mod. People were requesting it so I got it to work since the Delight code actually had an error in it that prevented it from working. I have updated the code so it is now compatible with BTS 3.19 and altered all of the vassal text from vassal to puppet state and master to leader. Since it works only with the vassal option turned on, it can be turned off via the custom game menu.

    From old thread:
    You can now create puppet states after conquering enemy cities. This creates a new instant vassal player. You cannot create multiple puppet states from the same enemy and you cannot form puppet states in cities that can be returned to an ally.

    When you conquer another city from an enemy that you have previosuly carved out a puppet state from one of their cities, you are then granted the option to add the city to your puppet state. The puppet state is picked from the list of civilizations in the .xml file and is a brand new one. If you create a puppet state before founding your first city, the puppet state may become you and you will be instantly defeated.

    Version History
    ----Version 1.6----
    -Choose leader/civ from lfgr2-inspiration from choose colony mod

    Version 1.5
    -Added AI to make it more likely to Puppet than Raze from ExtraModMod from MoreNavalAI
    -Previous Civ that is Puppeted gets -2 attitude

    Version 1.4
    -Reverted eReceivingPlayer to eHighestCulture in CvPlayerAI.cpp
    -Puppet States Enabled by Tech Nationalism
    -Puppet States Enabled Tech values added to AI
    -Reverted Vassal text to Client States
    -Added missing Puppet Attitude Modifiers
    -Fixed Puppet Event Message
    -Changed Leaderhead Puppet text

    Version 1.3
    -Added Changelog & Readme Texts
    -Added Concept Entry

    Version 1.2
    -Custom Game Option
    -Vassal Text all Modded
    -Option if liberating a city added
    -Remove Conquerer's Bonus Code
    -Added many Tholal's More Naval AI additions
    -Added missing PUPPET_CULTURE_MULTIPLIER GlobalDefines
    -Incorporated Smealgol's additions (memory, etc.)
    Previous Versions
    Spoiler :
    Version 1.1
    Updated to BTS 3.19 as a standalone
    Version 1.0
    -Original DPII Version

    Conquerer's Delight Original Thread

    Puppet States Mod Thread


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