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Pure Civ3 (Vanilla Civ3 "patch") ver. 4.0 2016-10-05

I may be a little late with this, given that most people these days have moved on from Civilization III to its successor, Civilization IV. Even those that still play Civilization III at least own the Play the World and/or Conquests expansions. I personally feel that they water down the game with far too much added content, none of which is particularly interesting or appealing. Thus, I set out to perfect the rules of the core game itself, hence the name "Pure Civ3". This mod is essentially what I hope that Firaxis would have released as a final patch to the original game had they not moved on to the expansions. As a matter of fact, quite a few of the changes made by this mod are changes that were made by Play the World and Conquests.

The mod is comprised of three files that replace their respective counterparts in your Civilization III directory. The files replaced are the Civ3mod.bic file in the root directory (which changes the rules of the game) and the Civilopedia.txt and script.txt files in the text subdirectory (which make the game's help files and interface acknowledge those changes). To install the mod, simply copy its contents into the Civilization III directory and allow the original files to be overwritten. If desired, make backups of the original files prior to installation.

Although this mod was designed for vanilla (unexpanded) Civ 3, it can still be used with either or both expansions present. This is because the expansions install into subdirectories of the main Civilization III program folder, leaving the original "core" game completely untouched. After installing the mod, just run the original Civilization3.exe file in the main directory to play the unexpanded game. Since the expansions pull game data and settings from their own subfolders, the changes made by Pure Civ3 will have no effect on them.
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