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[PYTHON+XML] Cathedral of Seville

[PYTHON+XML] Cathedral of Seville 1.0

Just created a new wonder!
The Cathedral of Seville:jesus: built in October 6 1506 AD. So 24 days ago was this wonders 514th Anniversary:bday:!
Anyway credit goes to @hrochland for the model and @Zeta Nexus for the movie.
For more Python or SDK by me visit my Python+SDK thread Here.
By the way this wonder is modular except for the python.
Cathedral of Seville
Effect: Attracts Saints in cities that have a Great Prophet as a Specialist; +2:gp: Great Prophet, can turn 3 citizens into Priest, and 14:culture:.
Because the Cathedral of Seville is the Largest Catholic Gothic Building in the world I made its size Huge! So in the Civilopedia all you will see is one of the windows.
Requirement: Replaceable Parts and Divine Right, a Christian Cathedral
Obsolete: None
Saint: the Saint is a World Unit that uses the Charlemagne Relic art. Currently all it does is spread every religion in the game in any city you want, not only your own but also your enemies. If that religion wasn't founded yet then it will be founded in the city you spread it to.
This weekend will be released the final version 2.0 of this wonder that adds the Believer of God promotion witch will have an Awesome:wow: effect! I already have a couple of ideas in mind but please feel free to suggest in my Python+SDK thread.
For more python or SDK by me visit my thread with the link at the beginning of the page.

Cathedral of Seville:
in City.JPG

Saint Spawned:
Saint Spawned.JPG

Movie Parts:
Movie 1.JPG
Movie 2.JPG
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