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[QoL] Squads: Group Movement + RTS Style Control Groups 0.3

  • End mode options are now correctly saved and persist between saves
  • 0 hotkey now correctly maps to squad #10
DLL fixes in next VP Release (whichever comes after 4.5.1):
  • Fix a bug where EUI unit flags could incorrectly show squad numbers for units created shortly after a unit in a squad dies
  • Fix a bug where issuing squad move orders to a unit that just had a squad movement mission interrupted (either by user or by seeing enemy unit) would result in them continuing on their previous path
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  • Can now remove a unit from the squads UI by right clicking the unit entry
  • Added reset squad button to empty current squad
  • Added new configuration options
    • Toggle squad highlight on unit selection
    • Toggle squad number display under unit flag
    • Select squad movement end behavior between "alert on arrival", "wake on each unit arrive", and "wake on squad arrival"(original behavior)
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