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Quick Questions and Answers

Quick Questions and Answers

  1. Browd
    With the imminent release of Civ VI, we have our obligatory Quick Questions and Answers thread. The rules for this thread are simple:

    In this thread, feel free to ask basic questions about Civilization VI. This should make it easier for everyone to get answers quicker, and it should also separate basic questions from more detailed discussion threads. If you aren't in a rush to post any questions, make sure to read through the available information, which is likely to answer a lot of questions itself.

    Just post your questions here without worrying about if it's already covered somewhere else, and hopefully some of the experts will answer them. From time to time, we may move a question to a stand-alone discussion thread, if either the question or the answer turns out to be not so quick.

    We encourage everyone to participate here, answering any questions they can. Thanks!