Quick UI [Civilization 6]

Quick UI [Civilization 6]

  1. vans163
    Lets get it started!

    Civilization 6 - Quick UI is a DLC to reduce the amount of clicks required to manage your empire.

    Version civ6:
    Version qui: undefined
    Status: Beta

    Check out chaorace fork https://github.com/chaorace/cqui
    It is much more ahead and active.

    Older version:


    Feel free to fork and contribute or use the code in your own projects.
    Read the commit logs for all the rolling changes.

    First release is planned in 7 more days of bug fixing / user input.

    Quick UI started on the morning of October 22nd when after my first 50 turns of Civilization 6 I was severely annoying. Cluttered notifications kept spamming the middle of my screen, I could not see food output of cities and it took me about 2 minutes to find what luxuries I had.

    After fixing these basic things, Civilization 6 needed something more, the game developers clearly said they will remove the need to enter a city screen. But it was not the case.

    This something more that Quick UI aims to solve is not just reducing clutter and improving UI, the true purpose of Quick UI is to make managing a wide empire as effortless as possible.

    As of October 28th, exactly one week after release, I officially declare Quick UI in beta.

    A list of annoyances was drawn up:

    #1 Have to go into citizen management screen VERY often when at 3+ cities to micromanage the hammers.
    #2 Choosing construction for 20+ cities gets tedious.
    #3 Cannot tell which city has monument,granary,watermill,sewer,library,uni,academy,etc built without going into it.
    #4 Cannot tell which city has which district.

    #5 Cannot tell which art museum has which Great works in it.
    #6 Cannot tell how much overflow science,culture,hammers,food.
    #7 Forming Corps + Armies at 20+ cities gets super tedious.
    #8 Civic tree and science tree do not immediately show: Envoys Gained, Farm/Mine/Quarry/Pasture+1 food/hammer, Form Corps/Army, Embark, Harvest.
    #9 Leader screens super slow fade.
    #10 Banner indicators and panels don't refresh when changing citizens and require end turn to refresh.

    Current features:
    #1 Rightclick on globe ends turn
    #2 Spam popups removed

    Map Option: Show Luxury
    #3 Luxury Resources on TopPanel

    Map Option: Smart Banner
    #4 Housing, border growth visible from CityBanner
    #5 Districts city has visible from CityBanner
    #6 Unlocked citizen visible from CityBanner
    #7 Unbuilt buildings visible from CityBanner

    #8 Worker recommendations removed
    #9 Building recommendations removed
    #10 Purchase with faith/gold buttons removed
    #11 Display TotalFood + FinalFoodPerTurn / RequiredFoodToGrow in CityPanel
    #12 Display CurrentHammers / Required Hammers in CityPanel

    Map Option: Super Shift
    #13 Holding SHIFT key when over a tile belonging to a city opens:
    Citizen Management
    Purchase Tiles

    #1 Cities and units do not auto center anymore. This is pending a configuration option, more input is required.
    #2 There might be some other issues related to changes like this.
    #3 Super Shift / city centering on click would easily be a Map Option if it did not have to be spread out over multiple files to work properly.

    The Impossible:
    #1 Total science/hammers/culture/food is impossible to get. The game does not
    expose this information. Looking inside GameCore_Base_FinalRelease.dll we can see no
    related functions exposed to lua.

    The Civilization 6 UI bugs:
    #1 Lens and Selection scope is a mess. Making it very hard to create things like Super Shift option. Look out for bugs related to using it.
    #2 Settler lens closes but is still checked when you place a pin.
    #3 Opening and closing the ProductionPanel quickly leaves it in an undefined state. The checkbox is unselected but the panel is open.
    #4 Icons that can be placed on CityBanners are missing, particularly: ICON_DISTRICT_ | HOLY_SITE | LAVRA | ENTERTAINMENT | AERODROME | STREET_CARNIVAL,
    #5 City Attack requires 2+ clicks to respond. Probably related to Lens/Selection scope.
    #6 Unit movement bugs out and is patchy to respond, sometimes non responsive completely.
    #7 The game at times locks up using 100% cpu between turns.

    #1 Remove all the sliding animations that are slow
    #2 Remove citizen management icons, replacing them with the tile being highlighted orange if worked, red if locked.
    #3 Highlight pillaged tiles in Red, highlight not improved luxury in red.
    #4 Allow planning by setting pins and using settler lens to be more effortless.
    #5 Make yield icons bigger.
    #6 Make swap/purchase tile icon smaller and move down abit.
    #7 Add more shadow to the Fog of War to really make it appear "foggy"
    #8 Icon (clock) above units showing if they have move left

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