Quo's Chiefdom Wildcard 1.0

Removes the Economic policy slot from Chiefdom and replaces it with a Wildcard

  1. isau
    This simple mod removes the Economic policy slot from the Chiefdom government (the first government all players get) and replaces it with a Wildcard slot. This is intended to create more choice in the early game and make beelining the policy tree somewhat less optimal.


    To use:
    Place in your Civ 6 mods folder
    Prior to starting a new game, go to Additional Content page in-game and place a checkmark next to this mod

    Should be compatible with all game versions. May not be compatible with other mods that edit the number of government policy slots.

Recent Reviews

  1. Bocko
    Version: 1.0
    It doesn't work any more, not compatible
    Is there a newer version
  2. Indoorsman
    Version: 1.0
    I came to this site looking for a way to do this myself, and here you've saved me the time :D Nice!