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Quo's Combined Tweaks v5.0.4 BETA (Rise&Fall)

Combines various tweaks from the "Quo's" series into one package.

  1. isau
    quos combined logo.png

    (last updated 5-26-2017 for version 3.10.4)

    Quo's Combined Tweaks is a partial conversion mod with 3 selectable play styles. It began as a small mod that combined a number of small gameplay tweaks into a mod package. Since then, it has spun off into its own creation with three different rulesets for different styles of gameplay, and numerous changes to gameplay, largely inspired by Civ 4, Civ 5, and the Civ 5 "Vox Populi" mod.

    Recommended Pairings
    For the best gameplay experience, it is recommended to combine this mod with the AI+ mod.

    Compatibility Notes
    Spoiler :

    This mod should be compatible with most mods that add units, maps, change the UI, or change the AI.

    As of v3.4.10. both the CQUI, and Moar Units work with Quo's Combined Tweaks.

    Quo's Combined Tweaks designates a LoadOrder value of 10100, which typically means it loads last when a game is created or saved. If for some reason you are trying to combine it with a mod that needs to load after this mod, make sure it has a LoadOrder higher than 10100 in its .modinfo file.

    Installation and Activation

    Spoiler :

    Unzip the attached folder and place in your mods folder. (Note that when unzipping, the folder structure that you place in the Mods folder should be only one layer deep.)

    When you start the game, go to the Additional Content screen and place a checkmark next to Quo's Combined Tweaks.

    Modes of Play
    When this mod is activated, it deploys Quo's Ruleset, which overwrites the game's Vanilla rules.

    If you do not want all the rules to apply, you can visit the Advanced Setup screen to select and select the
    Quo's Leader Buffs Only Ruleset. This ruleset will activates changes to the leaders/civilizations only (i.e. any special abilities this mod gives them, and their friendship bonuses). This is ideal for players who want to install mods that make their own changes to balance, while keeping the leader changes.

    Note: A previously included Ruleset called "Hardcore" mode has been removed from the drop-down menu system. The old Hardcore rules are now rolled into the main game rules. If you wish to turn them off, you can edit the MyOptions.sql file included in the mod folder.

    You can make some edits to how mod functions by opening MyOptions.sql with a text editor and changing values. Follow the instructions in the file closely. An error made in this file can cause the mod to malfunction.

    Note that currently if you disable some features in MyOptions, the text may still show in the game (e.g. when shutting off the ability for siege engines to move and shoot on the same turn, the text will still appear in game claiming that the unit can move and shoot).

    Mod Features
    All of the listed features also apply to Hardcore mode, except where specifically noted in the Hardcore section.

    The rules of engagement have changed. Are you ready to play on a faster-moving battlefield?
    • All units except for Siege Units have 1 additional Move Point.
    • Siege Units have only 2 move points, but can move and fire on the same turn.
    • Anti-Calvary drain movement points from Calvary units up to 2 tiles away. If the Calvary is reduced to zero moves, it is helpless and cannot move or attack.


    From the ashes of bureaucracy rises powerful new capabilities.


    • The tier 1 and tier 2 governments have shifted locations on the Civics tree to make strategies for obtaining them more varied.
    • Classical Republic
      • Now provides Settlers with +2 Movement and Stealth
    • Oligarchy
      • Provides +1 troop movement for land units in unclaimed territory
    • Autocracy
      • +1 Faith to each tile surrounding a World Wonder
    • Merchant Republic
      • +1 trade route. +6 gold to Oases and Hotspots.
    • Monarchy
      • +1 culture to farms within 2 tiles of an Encampment
    • Theocracy
      • +2 Food, +2 Faith, +2 Production from Holy Sites
    • Democracy
      • All districts culture bomb
    • Communism
      • All cities receive Urban Defenses
    • Fascism
      • Ranged and Anti-Cavalry units have +2 range


    In this new era, we must govern ourselves with a new sense of purpose and authority.
    • Most policies that apply to units or buildings of a specific era are rectroactive to units and buildings of previous eras.
    • Several policies have been updated with new features and functions. Major changes are:
      • Survey provides Scouts and Settlers with the ability to ignore rivers and zone of control.
      • All 3 of the "wonder building" bonus policies now give 30% increase in production toward wonders (up from 15%).
        • They have also been renamed Wonders 1, Wonders 2, Wonders 3, with the original policy name in parenthesis (e.g. Wonders 1 (Corvee)') to help make it much more clear these 3 policies are just copies of each other affecting different wonders.
      • Insulae and Medina Quarter now longer require a certain number of Districts to work. They just flat out give +1 Housing or +2 Housing to all cities.
        • These policies have been renamed Housing 1 and Housing 2 with the original name in parenthesis.
      • New Deal no longer requires a certain number of districts in a city for it to work.
      • Diplomatic League (earn 2 envoys for every 1 envoy in city states you have 0 envoys with) has moved earlier in the civics tree, to Foreign Trade.
      • Colonization now provides +1 Culture in cities without a Monument, +1 Food in cities with a Monument.
    Wonder and Awe
    What we could not achieve in the sky, mankind would achieve on the ground.
    • Constructing any World Wonder now creates a "Culture Bomb" that will steal nearby tiles if it is within 3 hexes of the City Center, even if owned by another player.
    • Constructing any World Wonders earns an Influence token you can use to impress City States.
    • World Wonders that previously required an adjacent district no longer have this requirement.

    Faster Border Expansion
    There was no time to waste--the landscape was changing by the second, and every moment we waited, old opportunities vanished into the enemy's hands.
    • Borders expand much faster in this mod. You cannot sit back and assume a future settlement will be available long term. Expand quickly--but watch your back, your enemy is waiting for you to overexpand.
    • Don't forget you can steal tiles back by cleverly placing World Wonders.
    • At least there is some good news for you... on difficulties higher than Emperor, AIs no longer receive a free Settler.

    Cities in Peril

    The enemy was everywhere--and for the first time we realized we must prepare for them, or face the possibility of extinction.
    • Early Encampments. You can build Encampments much earlier than before. Your enemies can and will too. Avoid cities that might be difficult to take too early.
    • Early Barracks and Stables. You can build these buildings earlier, at Animal Husbandry and Mining respectively. Will you choose to rush early units, or go for a more methodical approach for improving them first?
    • Wall Prerequistes. Walls now require a Barracks or Stable. No longer can you simply sit back behind walled cities and assume the enemy is too weak to counterattack. Build Encampments on the outskirts of your empire or face the real possibility of successful invasion.
    • Palace Walls. You have one extra safeguard on your side: your Palaces now comes equipped with walls, providing a little extra safety for your capital. Use it wisely.

    Changing of the Guards
    Though they looked familiar to us, we recognized they were somehow changed.
    • No Settler Stealing: Settlers now escape on capture, so no longer can you achieve an easy win by snatching them from clueless opponents.
    • No-Niter Musketmen: Musketmen no longer require Niter, giving AIs a better chance of upgrading.
    • Stronger Swordsmen: With 40 Strength, Swordsmen now represent a credible threat. Swordsmen-like units also receive a buff as long as their total strength remains less than 50.
    • Advanced Scouts: Scouts receive a promotion the instant they are built, allowing you to decide whether they should be able to clear hills or forests. In addition, changes to the Survey policy allow Scouts to disregard rivers and Zone of Control. Scouts can also embark at Astrology.
    • Cheaper Support Units: Support units now cost 50% fewer hammers.

    These Fertile Lands
    When wandering a desert, seek treasure.
    • Oases. Oases have become unusually fertile, providing +1 Food +1 gold to all surrounding tiles.
    • Tundra Hotspots. So strange is this new land that you can find Oases in the middle of Tundra! These remarkable locations may offer great rewards if you can somehow work the land.
    • More Strategic Resources. Strategic resources are more plentiful than ever, appearing approximately two and half times more frequently.
    • Oh, Deer. Deer appear more frequently, and can occupy tiles near rivers.
    • Liquid Uranium. Uranium appears in water, making it critical to scour the coasts if you want to ward off--or launch--nuclear attacks.
    • Stone-walled. The Stone resource appears less frequently, making Stonehenge in particular less of a sure bet.

    Shining Cities on the Sea

    The oceans are more bountiful than the heavens themselves.

    Ocean tiles, and city centers adjacent to them, are a major target for improvements in this mod.
    • Better Sea Resources: Each sea resource provides a stronger base yield than before.
      • Fish now provide an additional +1 Food
      • Crabs now provide an additional +1 Culture
      • Whales now provide an additional +1 Faith
      • Pearls now provide an additional +1 Faith
    • Fishing Boats add 2 gold to any sea resource (up from
    • City Centers now gain adjacency bonuses when you settle next to coast. Every two tiles of coast you settle next to will gain you the following bonuses, at the following techs:
      • Sailing: Earn +1 gold for every 2 adjacent ocean tiles
      • Celestial Navigation: Earn +1 hammer for every 2 adjacent ocean tiles
      • Cartography: Earn +1 gold for every 2 adjacent ocean tiles

    Assorted Changes to Districts and Buildings
    Our old neighborhoods felt familiar, but changed.
    • Holy District. Now unlocks with the Mysticism civic. Founding a Pantheon is a good idea for boosting yourself toward a full religion.
    • Harbor. Now unlocks at Astrology.
    • Sewer (building) - Moved to Mathematics and lowered production cost so that it is actually somewhat cheap. This helps with the Housing crunch in the mid-game.
    • Aqueducts: Receive +1 point toward Great Engineers and +2 food from Plantations.
    • Radial Buildings. Buildings with radial effects (e.g. Zoo, Factory, etc) provide extra yields (generally x2; in the case of the Zoo, +3 amenities)

    Ambassador's Suites
    Soon we attracted the attention of dignitaries around the world.
    • Ambassdor's Suites are a new building that is built in Entertainment Districts.
    • The Suite can only be built in Entertainment Districts that do not have a Zoo.
    • You earn an Envoy with a City State for each Ambassador's Suite you complete.

    The New Nations
    It was as if I no longer recognized my acquaintances.

    Many of civilizations and leaders have new expanded ability sets.
    • Spain.
      • +4 GPP toward Great Prophets with each kill.
      • Siege units have +1 movement within range of enemy cities following rival religions.
      • Receive +7 gold as an adjacency bonus from Commercial Hubs adjacent to Natural Wonders.
      • The Mission unique building no longer destroys underling forest or jungle. +1 Science unlocks earlier.
    • France.
      • Catherine is automatically introduced to other civs one turn after they discover Astrology. She has a "live view" of their capital for the rest of the game going forward.
      • +100% Production toward Spies.
      • The Chateau unique improvement culture bombs nearby tiles. +1 Housing. Receive Tourism starting at the Humanism civic.
    • Egypt.
      • Maryannu Chariots can move and attack on the same turn. +5 damage when inside home territory. Costs 80 hammers.
      • The Sphinx unique improvement provides +1 Culture +1 Faith to adjacent desert tiles.
      • Receive 4 free relic slots in the capital when you discover Medieval Faires
      • Receive a free relic for every Classical and Ancient wonder you control when you reach Humanism.
    • China.
      • All districts receive +1 to their respective yields for every 2 edges bordered by the Great Wall.
    • India.
      • Begin with enough Faith to immediately found a Pantheon on the turn you begin the game.
      • Receive a free Settler when build a Holy Site in the Capital. Receive a free Builder when you build a Holy Site anywhere else.
      • The Stepwell improvement provides the Water equivalent of Coastal Water to cities it is adjacent to.
    • Brazil.
      • +1 Population in this city when you complete a Street Carnival.
      • Can build the Brazilian Revolution project, which creates a one-time massive burst of Great People Points and unlocks the Brazilwood Camp improvement, which provides +2 Gold on Rainforest tiles.
    • Russia.
      • Although you earn 10% less from Eurekas, earn a trade route for every Industrial Zone placed in Tundra.
      • Industrial Zones adjacent to Tundra Hills earn +1 Production.
      • Receive 2 free Uranium at the start of the Modern era.
    • America.
      • After you build your first Film Studio, your Builders can construct any unique improvement available to other civs.
      • All land units receive +1 Vision.
      • Purchasing tiles with Gold is 20% cheaper.
    • Sumeria.
      • The Ziggurat unique improvement must be built on a flat tile next to a river. Provides +2 Hammer to adjacent Industrial Zones
      • +10 Combat Bonus versus Barbarians.
      • The War Cart is delayed until the Foreign Trade civic.
      • Receive 30 free Culture when you begin the game.
    • Greece.
      • (Gorgo) +10% Culture and +5% to all other yields if you have declared a surprise war in the past 50 turns.
      • (Gorgo) Anti-Cavalry have +1 Range.
      • (Pericles) +20% toward District construction, changing to -10% toward District construction when at war with at least one major civ.
      • (Perciles) When you enter a new era, receive 1 free Civic boost if you are suzerain of at least 1 city state. Recieve 2 boosts if you are suzerain of at least 2.
      • The Hoplite unique unit no longer suffers penalties versus Infantry units.
    • England.
      • Receive a free melee unit when you settle/conquer any coastal city or settle/conquer anywhere on a foreign continent.
      • The Royal Navy Dockyard District no longer replaces the Harbor, but instead acts as its own district. You can build 1 per city. +3 housing, +2 toward Great Admirals, allows units to embark without penalties, adjacency bonuses identical to a Harbor.
    • Norway
      • All ships disregard closed borders and are not evicted when you declare war.
      • Receive a free melee ship for every city you place or conquer on the coast.
      • Berserkers can move after attacking.
    • Arabia.
      • You cannot build Commercial Hubs.
      • Receive Trade Routes from Holy Sites and Campuses instead of Commercial Hubs and Harbors.
      • Receive +2 Science per foreign city that follows your religion
      • +5 Gold in cities with both a Holy Site and Campus.
    • Japan.
      • Receive +1 great person points toward a Great General for every Theater District, Holy Site and Encampment you construct.
      • Samurai cannot be detected unless a unit stands adjacent to them.
    • Germany.
      • +1 production for every district built in a city, starting with the third district.
      • +2 movement for Heavy Cavalry beginning in the Modern era.
      • When you conquer a city, receive a payout equal to x5 your current gold per turn.
    • Aztec.
      • Builders have 1 less charge than normal.
      • You can build the Templo Mayor National Wonder. It reduces food in the city in which it is built by -4, but removes the penalty to Builder charges, reduces the cost of Tlachtali by 50%, and provides a free Builder when you complete a Entertainment Complex district.
      • Tlachatli provide free Walls in the city in which they are built.
    • Rome
      • Bath districts provide fresh water to cities up to 6 tiles away.
    • Poland
      • +1 movement for Anti-Cavalry.
      • Can purchase buildings for Commercial Hubs with Faith.

    The Gift of Friendship

    "They arrived with gifts... and it wasn't even Christmas!"
    Declaring friendship with a civ will earn you a gift from that civilization that lasts as long as the relationship endures.
    • Germany: +50% production toward Industrial Zones
    • France: Builders can construct Chateaus
    • Egypt: +1 Trade Route
    • India: Builders can construct Stepwells
    • Sumeria: Builders can construct Ziggurats
    • Greece: +2 influence points per turn toward diplo tokens
    • Norway: Boats can heal outside of borders
    • Japan: +50% production toward Encampments
    • Kongo: +1 Food in every city
    • Brazil: Restore 10% of the cost of a Great Person after one is acquired
    • Russia: Newly settled cities grab additional tiles
    • Spain: Builders can construct Missions
    • China: Builders receive +1 charge
    • Arabia: +5% Science and +2 Great Prophet Points per turn
    • Scythia: Units earn 25 HP back after a kill
    • Rome: Free roads when you settle a city within range
    • America: -20% Gold purchase price of tiles
    • England: +50% production toward Harbors
    • Aztec: All units receive +4 Combat Strength
    • Poland: Perform a Culture Bomb when you build an Encampment
    • Macedon: 50% less war weariness in cities
    • Persia: You can build Persia's unique improvement
    • Nubia: +50% experience for Ranged units

    Faith Renewed
    We had no choice but to believe. It was all we had guarding us.

    Pantheons have been updated to make them more exciting.

    • River Goddess - Provides +1 Amenity toCity Centers on Rivers (changed from Holy Sites)
    • Monument to the Gods - Increased bonus production for wonders to 40% (up from 15%)
    • God of the Sea - In addition to the +1 hammer per sea resource, also provides +2% production toward Harbors for each city following the Pantheon
    • God of the Open Sky - In addition to the +1 Culture per pasture, also allows Recon units to disregard closed borders
    • Goddess of the Hunt - In addition to +1 food from camps, also provides +15% production toward Ranged units of any era
    • Stone Circles - In addition to +2 Faith from Quarries, also provides +200% production toward Stonehenge
    • Religious Idols - In addition to +1 Faith to mines over luxuries, also instantly provides 300 gold when you select this pantheon
    • God of Craftsmen - Now provides +2 hammers per mine on a strategic resource (up from +1). Also reveals Iron and Niter on the map.
    • Goddess of Festivals - Now provides +1 Food from any Plantation (not just the original list) and +3% production toward Entertainment Complexes for each city following the pantheon
    • Oral Tradition - Now provides +2 culture from plantations (up from +1, and now applies to all plantations, not just ones on the original list)
    • Fertility Rites - In addition to +10% overall growth, also provides +3 Food in the capital
    • Religious Settlements - In addition to increasing border pop rate by +15%, also increases capacity for trade routes by +1
    Fewer AI Tantrums
    There was calm in the air, but it forecast violence.

    The AI has been tempered down so that it is much less likely to lose its mind over small infractions.
    • All war monger penalties significantly reduced. (Late game penalties are approximately equal to early game penalties in the unmodded game).
    • Pedro, Mvemba, Saladin, and Pericles get less angry about their agendas.
    • The timers that cause civs to get upset at you have been extended and are less likely to occur very soon after meeting the civ.
    • The Exploration random agenda produces less extreme results (+ - 2 instead of + - 6)
    • The Ideologue random agenda no longer makes leaders as angry (-2 instead of -6). You still keep full bonus if you match their government tho.
    • AI will less often get upset about units near borders
    • First impressions (good or bad) don't last as long
    • AI will more quickly forgives broken promises
    • Except for Ideologues, AI no longer cares what government you have until they reach the final tier of govts (Fascism, Communism, Democracy)
    Barbarian Tribes
    Even the most brutal among us seemed tempered in this new world.
    • The soft cap for XP from Barbarians is increased to lvl 2 (up from lvl 1)
    • Total number of possible Barbarians on the map at one time has been lowered.
    • Rebels are much less likely to spawn from unhappy cities.

    One day we looked at the words on the cage door... and understood them.
    • All policies are now accompanied by emojis to help make them more legible at a glance.
    • All world wonders now have their era listed behind their names.

    • No Free Research or Culture from Population. Unlike the Vanilla game or Quo's Basic Mode, in Hardcore you get no free Culture or Science from population. That means you'll need Campuses and Theater Districts, or some other way to acquire the necessary tech and culture to keep up with your enemies. Can you balance it all against the need for military, infrastructure, and trade routes?
    • No Free Envoys for Meeting a City State. You'll have to work to impress City States, just meeting one early on will not draw their attention. Build wonders or do quests to gain their early favor. Keep their favor in the late game with more wonders and with Ambassador's Suites in your Entertainment Districts.
    • Enemies Receive +2 Science +1 Culture from Every District they Build. It's not fair, but life isn't fair. A snowballing enemy is a total possibility. Raze their districts, antagonize them--or make friends and run research agreements to keep up. Either way, it's a difficult race.

    Improvements Patch Features
    As part of a planned merger with the Improvements Patch, technologies are now slowed, inspirations/eurekas provide less bonus, and Builders of any civilization can rush districts. These features can all be turned on or off using the MyOptions file.
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