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Quo's Eureka Challenge 1.0

This mod was created in response to theorycrafting on one of the discussion forums. It makes the following gameplay changes:

  • Completing the Eureka for a tech or civic awards that tech or civic instantly
  • Code of Laws is awarded automatically on Turn 1
  • All units have +5 movement
  • AI civilizations receive +1200% to their tech and research speeds.

This mod is not particularly balanced. It is intended to serve as a "challenge" mode for players who want to test their skills.

Compatibility Notes
This mod should be compatible with most mods, including Quo's Combined Tweaks. It specifies a load order of 20100 (loads after most other mods) and should overwrite any changes they make to Boost speed or techs. If it does not appear to be working, try opening the modinfo and insuring the LoadOrder is sufficiently high.
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