Quo's Pre-Patch Tile Yield and Building Cost Adjuster 2016-10-29

Small mod; adjusts tile yields of hills, sea resources, and oasis while we await first patch

  1. isau
    This small mod is for people who are looking for tile yields closer to Civ 4/5. It's not a perfect match to those games, but is intended to address three key things:
    - Hills
    - Sea resources
    - Building costs

    TO INSTALL (same as any mod)
    - Download
    - Unzip
    - Put in mod folder (probably Users\[yourname]\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods\)

    Changes it makes:

    - Grass and Plains hills are now balanced with flat tiles. Grass Hill is +1 Food + 1 Hammer (down from +2 Food +1 Hammer); Plains Hill is now +2 Hammers (down from +2 Hammers +1 Food)
    - Each sea resource gains +1 to a yield (e.g. Pearls now +2 Faith)
    - Fishing boats add an additional +1 Gold on top of the Food they add

    - All buildings cost 30% fewer hammers


    tile balance.png

    Let me know if you run into any issues. Hoping for a more official patch from Firaxis that adjusts many of these things.