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Quo's Spheres of Intrigue v8.0.5 ALPHA

Mini expansion that adds spheres and other concepts to the game

  1. isau
    This is the ALPHA release of Quo's Spheres of Intrigue. This mod was previously known as Quo's Combined Tweaks. The name change is to reflect the new focus of the mod on being more of a total conversion/expansion pack than just a series of gameplay tweaks.

    NOTE: This version of the mod is very new and introduces some features that will break civilizations created by other modders (they will not be able to choose governors, for example.) For this alpha release, refrain from using modded civs. A compatability patch is planned to allow you to easily integrate custom civs.

    Compatibility: This mod is not compatible with Quo's Combined Tweaks and duplicates much of the code. It is recommended you delete your copy of Combined Tweaks if you choose to play this mod.

    What's New in v8.0.0.

    New Sphere System: Available Governors

    In this new system added for version 8.0.0, Governor picks are no longer based on the full roster. They are now determined by your sphere. Each sphere has access to 6 possible Governors. In many cases, the sphere may "double dip" and have two copies of the same Governor (with a slightly different name).
    • If you play as Suleiman/Ottomans, you get 7 governors to pick from instead of 6.
    • The balance of this system is still under review. Some of the governors may require tweaking to bring them into line (particularly Pingala).

    For example, here is a screenshot of North Africa's governors:

    At some time in the future I may alter the imagery and or even add new governors, but this is a very time consuming process so it may have to wait a while.

    Changes to Spheres
    Various changes to Spheres themselves. A full list will be shared in a future post. Some of these changes are still under review.

    Other Changed
    - City capture now razes buildings in Campuses and Theaters to compensate for city center buildings no longer being destroyed
    - Hellmode tier 1 no longer provides free air units to AIs
    - In hell mode tier 1, unit promotions no longer provide free healing
    - AI has gotten smarter since Combined Tweaks -- now makes use of Pedro's and (hopefully) Nomadic Asia's project
    - Expanding roads introduced. When city hits certain district breakpoints, roads automatically appear around the city

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