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R.E.D. Modpack (semi-official) 2016-10-05

R.E.D. Modpack (semi-official)

  1. Nutty
    See this resource for a more recent unofficial R.E.D.

    R.E.D. Modpack

    v.28 semi-official BETA 2 by Nutty​

    Only minimally tested. Use at your own risk. Please contact me if you find any bugs.

    beta 2b:
    • fix typo in Embarked Units that prevented it from working

    beta 2:
    • add Civitar's Anishinaabe Medicine Man as missionary for North American civs
    • add hangman's Chimu General as missionary for South American civs
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of English cannon crew
    • add Wolfdog's conversions of Ambrox62's scouts and warriors
    • add early units (spearman, swordsman, pikeman, and crossbowman) for America from Ethnic Units
    • add additional embarked units (Wolfdog's barge for Middle East civs, Sukritact's canoe for Native American civs)
    • embarked units are now overridden by Cultural Diversity
    • embarked unit era adjustments now adjusted by Prehistoric Era (including extra eras in v14+), Prehistoric Era Reborn, and CCTP (v4+)

    beta 1:
    • reduced texture sizes and removed extraneous specular textures (reduces mod size from 200MB to 120MB)
    • embarked unit diversity using Wolfdog's conversion of GeneralMatt's War Junk, hangman's conversion of Chuggi's Andean Cargo Ship, and Nutty's versions of JustATourist's galleon reskins
    • Venice and Milan city state now re-use Roman units starting in the Medieval era; other city states re-use units of related major civs
    • new general suffix types for Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, and city states with Slavic influence) and Central Asia (Huns, Ottomans, and city states with Turkic influence)
    • donkeys given to Ottoman, Hun, and Polynesian settlers instead of camels or oxen
    • add bernie14's longswordsmen for Portugal, Venice, and Vatican City city state
    • add Civitar & Nutty's Reislaufer [anachronistic] Swiss guard (pikeman) for city state Vatican City
    • add hangman's conversion of the Buddhist missionary for Asian civs
    • add Patum333's Netherlands archer (composite bowman)
    • add Snafusmith's P-40 Warhawk (fighter) for Brazil
    • add Snafusmith's Renault FT (WWI tank) for Brazil, central European city states, and additional members for France
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of Bakuel's Streltsy (musketmen) for Russia
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of bernie14's Napoleonic French infantry for French Cannon crew
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of bernie14's Sioux knight for Shoshone
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of dutchking's ML-20 Howitzer (artillery) for Russia
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of Gagonite's Arquebusier (musketman) for Austria, Poland, and central European city states
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of KrugerPritz's A129 Mangusta (helicopter gunship) for Rome (Italy)
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of KrugerPritz & Nikko's Ariete MBT (modern armor) for Rome (Italy)
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of KrugerPritz & Nikko's Dardo IFV (mechanized infantry) for Rome (Italy)
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of Refar's Astute class (nuclear submarine) for England
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of Snafusmith's Los Angeles class (nuclear submarine) for America
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of TheCoyote's Akula class (nuclear submarine) for Russia
    • add Wolfdog's conversion of Zever's Royal Marine commando for England
    • add zwei833's conversion of the Realism: Invictus musketman for Germany (HRE)
    • update bernie14's French and German cavalry
    • add ProtectedBigGun formation for the Indian Civ Pack
    • fix some specular textures to reduce excess "shininess" of some units