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R.E.D. modpack (v.27) 2016-10-05

Regiment and Ethnic Diversity for Civilization V


- Rescaling : all human and mounted units have been scaled down, no more giant infantry against tank ! Of course, the relative scale is nothing close to realism, but it looks way better IMO. The sea and air units are respectivly better proportionned.
- Formation : most units are now multiple figure, and the number of figures is raised in all human and mounted units. Existing formations have been reworked to reflect the change in scale, and new (14) formations have been added.
- Diversity : hundreds of new unit models for diversity, no gameplay change. See newunits.xls or version history for details

This version need Civilization to be patched to version or higher (and is compatible with G&K).

installation :

- Important : delete previous version of the mod, else the VFS may cause bugs. Savegame compatibility is not assured, you should always finish your current game before updating.

- download the civ5mod file to your mod folder (..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS).
- launch civ5, go to the mod browser, the file should be extracted automatically, else use 7zip to do it manually.
- find the "R.E.D. Modpack" line and activate the mod.
- from the mod section, go to single player and set up a game

fix for fighter propeller and archer arrows position (optional) :
- copy the civ5artdefines_viseffects.xml file from "..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\R.E.D. modpack\copy to Assets\" folder to the "..\Steam\steamapps\common\sid meier's civilization v\Assets\" folder

Credits & Thanks

danrell, bernie14, JTitan, Patum33, snafusmith, asioasioasio, Coffee Junkie, nautil, Nuvoloblu, Oleg153, Rabbit White, Splinter13, Generalmatt and all other unit makers for the models and conversion
RTW unit makers that have allowed conversion of their models to civ5
seZereth and Porges who've done the initial regiment mod for civ4
Pazyryk for SQL corrections
all the great peoples at Civfanatics for their tools, tutorials and help

version history

Spoiler :

v.27 (Jul 12, 2013):
- Set scale for all BNW units
- Set a continental ArtStyle for units of all Brave New World civilization and CS
- Add (and replace) Snafusmith's T-55 (modern armor) for African continent (tan TC), China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Inca (Peru), Mongol, Songhai (Mali)
- Add Wolfdog's convertion of the coyote's and Bernie14's Tiger (helicopter gunship) for Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Rome (Italy), Spain, Sweden
- Add Wolfdog's convertion of the Rafale (jetfighter) for France
- Add Wolfdog's convertion of Snafusmith's Char Leclerc (modern armor) for France
- Add Wolfdog's convertion of Snafusmith's Marder IFV (mechanized infantry) for Germany
- Add JTitan's Pretos Forros (musketman) for Brazil
- Add JTitan's Portuguese warrior and spearman
- Fix a possible crash from v.26 with Portugal (Lisbon CS then) units

v.26 (May 12, 2013):
- Add to the existing continental artstyle (used by City States, and as a base for major civilization) some unit's models from nations of same continent
- Add a set of units for Poland (anticipating BNW, but it will also work with a custom civilization like this one: )
- Add Snafusmith's Eurofighter for Austria, Germany, Rome (Italy), Spain, England (U.K.)
- Add Snafusmith's AMX-30 Roland (mobile SAM) for France, Spain, Babylon (Iraq), Arabia
- Add Snafusmith's BMP-2 (mechanized infantry) for Russia, India, Babylon (Iraq), Persia (Iran), Carthage (Algeria), Ethiopia (desert team color, as Sudan), China (team color, as Type 86), Siam (TC), Mongolia (TC), Middle East and African CS (desert TC)
- Add Snafusmith's Mi-8 (helicopter gunships) for Ethiopia, Egypt, India, Babylon (Irak), Aztec (Mexico), Poland, Russia, Algeria (desert team color), China (team color), Huns (hungary, TC), Persia (Iran, desert TC), Songhai (Mali, desert TC), Mongole (TC), Inca (Peru, TC)
- Add Snafusmith's AH-64 Apache (helicopter gunships) for America, England (U.K.), Netherlands (TC), Arabia (TC, as EAU), Greece, Japan
- Set Snafusmith's Challenger II (modern armor) Desert Camo for Arabia (Oman)
- Add Wolfdog's convertion of Snafusmith's M2 Bradley for America (Forest Camo), Arabia (Desert camo)
- Add WWII Poland's unit : Infantry, tank 10TP, Albatros_D.III, Grom Class destroyer, Orzel Class submarine, Paratrooper, Bomber PZL P.37, Fighter PZL P.50, WWI tank Renault FT-17
- Set T-72 and BMP-2 (generic color) for Poland
- Add Bernie14's Longswordsman for Poland
- Add JTitan's Garamantes spearman for Garama City-States (from YnAEMP CS mods)

v.25 (Fev 26, 2013):
-Bug fix : Invisible Great War Infantry for Arabia

v.24 (Jan 28, 2013):
- Update and add units from JTitan's Ethiopia pack (including new crossbowmen, knights, pikemen, spearmen, horsemen, ...)
- Add Snafusmith's P-40 to Egypt and Ottoman (Turkey)
- Add Snafusmith's F-15 for America
- Add Snafusmith's Mig-29 for Russia (USSR), India, Persia (Iran), Babylon (Irak), Inca (Peru)
- Add Danrell's F-16 conversion for all other nations
- Add Bernie14's Great War Infantries for Arabia, Austria, English, French, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Ottoman, Russia, America
- Add Bernie14's Hungarian Riflemen & Hussar (Huns)

v.23 (Nov 28, 2012):
- Change the initialization code to allow easier implementation of specific units art for Minors Civilizations.
- Update and add units from JTitan's Barbarian Invasion Upgraded (England, France, Germany, Austria, Celts, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Huns, Denmark, Sweden, Byzantium, Antwerp, Lisbon)
- Add units from JTitan's Warriors of the Mediterranean (Rome, Greece, Carthage), including Spearman and Swordsman (African Mercenaries) for Carthage
- Add Bernie14's Desert (Babylon, Songhai, Carthage), Highlander (Celts) and Arabian Rifleman
- Add Snafusmith's T72 for Carthage (Algeria), India, Babylon (Iraq), Persia (Iran)
- Add Snafusmith's Challenger II for UK
- Add Snafusmith's Leopard 1A3 for Greece, Netherlands, Ottoman (Turkey)

v.22 (Oct 23, 2012):
- Add 10 Aztec, 9 Inca and 8 Maya ethnic units thanks to Danrell

v.21 (Oct 21, 2012):
- Bug fix : English composite bowman was not correctly defined
- Bug fix : Attack animation for German and French Hussard (Cavalry) is now correctly set to use "melee", not "distance"
- Add Riflemen for Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden thanks to Bernie14
- Add more Longswordsmen models (some "what if...") to America, Austria, Byzantium, England, France, Germany, Huns, Celts and Spain thanks to Bernie14
- Add Ethiopian Horseman and Swordsman (Nubian swordsman now used by African city states, previous African swordsman now used by Carthage) thanks to JTitan

v.20 (Oct 14, 2012):
- Bug fix : Netherlands units where not replaced.
- Add a few new units thanx to JTitan:
Bantu Spearman (was Ethiopian Spearman, now used as generic African only for City states)
Ethiopia Spearman
Ethiopia Warrior
Ethiopia archer
Maya Warrior
Maya Holkan (Spearman)​

v.19 (Oct 10, 2012):
- Bug/Crash fix : Mongol Rifleman and French Composite Bowman were not correctly defined.
- All code for unit initialization use the new method introduced with v.16 (to allow faster update)
- Add a batch of new units thanks to JTitan :
Songhai scout
Ethiopia scout
Barbaric Invasion (warriors pack)​
- Add some forgotten units from Danrell's packs, and some other to replace the UU's corresponding "normal" units in case of gift
Panther (Tank) and KingTiger (Panzer UU) to Germany
B-25 for America
and a few more I forgot to note, sorry...​

v.18 (Sep 29, 2012):
- Add a batch of new units thanks to Danrell and JTitan :
France ancient units
Germany ancient units
England ancient units
Celtic Swordsman Warrior
Ethiopian Spearman
Songhai Pikeman
Ethiopian Pikeman​
- Update some of Danrell units (for India, Mongol, Rome)

v.17 (Sep 22, 2012):
- bugfix : Spanish archer had no skin
- bugfix : Roman knight was invisible
- bugfix : German lancer and Cavalry was invisible, could lead in crash in renaissance/industrial era.

v.16 (Sep 15, 2012):
- update bernie14's Egyptian rifleman
- add too many ethnic units to be listed (200+)... Thanks to Danrell, Bernie14, Patum333, JTitan and all civ4 unit makers.

v.15 (Jul 13, 2012):
- compatibility with "Mechanized Infantry with soldiers" mod
- raise bomber, atomic bomb, fighter, jetfighter, stealth bomber move rate
- replace swordsman for China, Spain
- tweak Samourai formation
- add 74 ethnic units (thanks again danrell !)
rifleman for Arabia / Babylon / Middle East City-States
archer for Asia City-States
archer for China
archer for Egypt
archer for Greece
archer for Japan
archer for Korea
archer for Rome
archer for Spain
archer for Sweden / Denmark
composite bowman for China
composite bowman for Asia City-States
composite bowman for Egypt
composite bowman for Greece
composite bowman for Japan
composite bowman for Korea
composite bowman for Rome
composite bowman for Spain
composite bowman for Sweden / Denmark
crossbowman for Korea / Asia City-States
crossbowman for Egypt (longbowman)
crossbowman for Greece
crossbowman for Japan (longbowman)
crossbowman for Rome
crossbowman for Spain
crossbowman for Sweden / Denmark
spearman for Asia City-States
spearman for China
spearman for Egypt
replace Hoplite model for Greece
spearman for Mediterranean City-States (use old Hoplite model)
spearman for Japan
spearman for Korea
spearman for Rome
spearman for Spain
spearman for Sweden / Denmark
swordsman for Asia City-States
swordsman for Japan
swordsman for Korea
swordsman for Mediterranean City-States
replace legion for Rome
swordsman for Denmark / Sweden
replace samourai model for Japan
Longswordsman for China
Longswordsman for Egypt
Longswordsman for Greece
Longswordsman for Korea
Longswordsman for Rome
Longswordsman for Spain
Longswordsman for Sweden
Pikeman for China
Pikeman for Asia City-States
Pikeman for Egypt
Pikeman for Greece
Pikeman for Japan
Pikeman for Korea
Pikeman for Rome
Pikeman for Spain
Pikeman for Sweden / Denmark
Horseman for China
Horseman for Asia City-States
Horseman for Egypt
replace Companion Cavalry model for Greece
Horseman for Mediterranean City-States (use old Companion Cavalry model)
Horseman for Japan
Horseman for Korea
Horseman for Rome
Horseman for Spain
Horseman for Sweden / Denmark
Knight for China
Knight for Egypt
Knight for Greece
Knight for Japan
Knight for Korea
Knight for Spain
Knight for Sweden / Denmark​

v.14 (Jul 06, 2012):
- bugfix : with G&K splitting infantry unit in "great war" and "WWII" models, the ethnic models wasn't correctly defined, now ethnic infantries are restored (for late model)
- replace generics infantry, paratrooper, destroyer, battleship, submarines and aircraft carrier by danrell's WWII models to keep coherence in graphical style
- update Spanish bomber (change Ju-88 to He-111)
- tweak submarines scale (slightly bigger)
- tweak bombers scale (slightly smaller)
- add 75 industrial/modern ethnic units :
infantry for Netherlands
infantry for Sweden
infantry for Huns (Hungary)
infantry for Austria (Germany)
paratrooper for America
paratrooper for Germany
paratrooper for Austria (Germany)
paratrooper for China
paratrooper for Netherlands
paratrooper for France
paratrooper for Greece
paratrooper for Huns (Hungary)
paratrooper for Rome (Italy)
paratrooper for Japan
paratrooper for England
paratrooper for Sweden
paratrooper for Spain
paratrooper for Russia
early fighter Fokker_Dr.1 for Germany
early fighter Ansaldo SVA-5 for Rome (Italy)
early fighter Albatross D.III for Austria
early fighter Fokker_Dr.1 for Huns (Hungary)
early fighter Spad S.XIII for America
early fighter Sopwith Camel for England
early fighter Nieuport 17 for France
early fighter Kawasaki KI-10 for Japan
early fighter Polikarpov I-15 for China
early fighter Polikarpov Po-2 for Russia
bomber Fokker T.V for Netherlands
bomber Saab B-18 for Sweden
bomber Ju-88 for Huns (Hungary)
bomber Ju-88 for Austria (Germany)
fighter Fokker D.XXI for Netherlands
fighter FFVS J-22 for Sweden
fighter BF-109 for Huns (Hungary)
fighter BF-109 for Austria (Germany)
aircraft carrier Joffre class for France
aircraft carrier Aquila class for Rome (Italy)
aircraft carrier Implacable class for Sweden
aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin class for Germany
aircraft carrier Kaga class for Japan
aircraft carrier Illustrious class for England
aircraft carrier Essex class for America
aircraft carrier Project71 class for Russia
destroyer Admiralen class for Netherlands
destroyer Fantasque class for France
destroyer Z23 class for Germany
destroyer Vasilefs Georgios class for Greece
destroyer Soldati class for Rome (Italy)
destroyer Goteborg class for Sweden
destroyer Fletcher class for America
destroyer Triba class for England
destroyer Kagero class for Japan
destroyer Gnevny class for Russia
early tank A7V for Germany
early tank Renault FT-17 for France
early tank Renault FT-17 for Spain
early tank Renault FT-17 for Greece
early tank Fiat 3000 for Rome (Italy)
early tank Strv M-21 for Sweden
early tank LK II for Huns (Hungary) / Austria
early tank Renault FT-17 for Russia
early tank Renault FT-17 for China
early tank Type79 for Japan
early tank MK A Whippet for England
early tank M1917 for America
tank MTSL-1GI4 for Netherlands
tank Strv M-41 for Sweden
tank 41M Turan II for Huns (Hungary)
tank Panzer IV for Austria (Germany)
tank M4A4 for China
submarine O-19 class for Netherlands
submarine Katsonis class for Greece
submarine Sjolejonet class for Sweden
submarine U-20 for Austria /Huns (Hungary)​

v.13 (Jun 21, 2012):
- add compatibility/resize for Gods and Kings
- tweak the elite phalanx formation

v.12 (Jun 14, 2012):
- update to new patch (ArtDefines for units using the database) and upload to steam workshop
- switch from unique unit system to unique artstyle system (ie: mod's code completely rewritten)
- include rescale for Korea DLC
- update all battleship's models (was using outdated version of danrell's units, replace Hood with King George V, replace Dunkerque with Richelieu)
- update some bomber's models
- update some fighter's models (and change German BF-109 to FW-190)
- update all tank's models (and change KV-1 to T-34/85)
- add 25 ethnic units :
Battleship (Soyuz class) for Russia
Rifleman for Japan, England, Iroquois, Egypt, Persia
Infantry for Greece, Spain
Tank (PanzerIV) for Spain
Swordsman for Persia, Russia, Arabia, Ottoman, Greece, Egypt, Chinese, India, Babylon, Mongol, Incan, Songhai, Spanish
Longswordsman for france
Knight for Rome, Russia​

v.11 (Jun 18, 2011):
- added 4 ethnic units :
--- American rifleman
--- French rifleman
--- Ottoman rifleman
--- Russian rifleman
- updated 1 ethnic units :
--- updated version of German rifleman
- fix : replaced submarine S-Class (was not English but German model) to T-Class for England (thanks to Nutty for reporting this one !)

v.10 (May 05, 2011):
- include rescale for Denmark DLC

v0.9.1 (Apr 17, 2011):
- bugfix : Bf-109 Spain is for Spain, not France.

v0.9 (Apr 17, 2011):
- compatibility : fix size for Housecarl and Highlander.
- include rescale for Polynesia DLC
- compatibility : define arts for Marines conversion as used in Hitm2.
- tweak : modern armor T90 now also used by India
- added 22 ethnic units :
--- modern armor T55 for Mongol, Siam (as Type69), China (as Type69)
--- modern armor T55 Desert version for Arabia, Babylone, Persia, Egypt
--- tank Sherman (civ4 default tank) for Iroquois, Aztec, Inca
--- fighter spitfire (civ4 default fighter) for India, Siam, Ottoman
--- fighter bf-109 for Spain
--- fighter Dewotine D.520 for France
--- fighter LaGG3 for Egypt
--- fighter P-40N for china
--- fighter Spitfire for Greece
--- knight reskin for Germany, England and France
--- bomber Amiot 350 for France
--- bomber B-24 for Egypt
--- bomber B-25 for China
--- bomber Blenheim for Greece
--- bomber G4M3 for Japan
--- bomber He111 for Germany
--- bomber Ju-88 for Spain
--- bomber Pe-2 for Russia
--- bomber SM.84 for Rome
--- bomber Wellington for england
- updated 6 ethnic units :
--- updated version of fighter P-51 for USA
--- tank IS-2 replaced by KV-1 for Russia
--- american, english, japanese and russian infantries replaced with danrell version

v0.8 (Jan 17, 2011):
- compatibility : converted all "updatedatabase" files from XML to SQL. This will prevent possible issues with mods editing the units stats or future patchs. R.E.D. must be loaded after any balance mods.
- changed : give name to units for WB use
- added 12 ethnic units :
--- german modern armor Leopard 2
--- american modern armor M1A1
--- french infantry (not buildable, available for WB scenario)
--- italian infantry
--- chinese infantry
--- french submarine Le Redoutable
--- american submarine Gato
--- japanese submarine I-15
--- italian submarine Marcello
--- english submarine S-Class
--- russian submarine Shchuka
--- german submarine U-Boat

v0.7 (Dec 20, 2010):
- compatibility: update mod for patch
- include rescale for Spain and Inca DLC
- added 8 ethnic units :
--- russian modern armor T90
--- german longsword templar
--- german battleship bismark
--- french battleship dunkerque
--- english battleship hood
--- american battleship iowa
--- japan battleship yamoto
--- italian battleship littorio

v0.61 (Nov 27, 2010):
- fix : set the diamond formation to all fighters, not just the Spitfire

v0.6 (Nov 27, 2010):
- compatibility : define arts for "City-State Diplomacy Mod" units, activate R.E.D. after CSDM in the mod browser
- compatibility : define arts for Deliverator's Zulu Impi and Conquistador, activate R.E.D after any mod using these units in the mod browser
- formation added : square (for Roman Legion), diamond (for fighter)
- added 17 ethnic units :
--- american Sherman tank
--- american infantry
--- american P-51 fighter
--- english redcoat (musketman)
--- english infantry
--- english Spitfire fighter
--- english Cromwell tank
--- french R35 tank
--- german rifleman
--- german infantry
--- german BF109 fighter
--- japanese infantry
--- japanese Type97 tank
--- italian M13-40 tank
--- italian Fiat G55 fighter
--- russian infantry
--- russian IS-2 tank
- not compatible with previous save, finish your current game before installing new version

v0.51 (Oct 30, 2010):
- set scale for Housecarl and Higlander units (units not included). To use with a mod including those units, activate this mod after the other one in the mod browser.

v0.5 (Oct 26, 2010):
- include rescale for babylonian and mongolian DLC
- scout size slightly tuned down

v0.4 (Sept 28, 2010):
- repacked with modbuddy and released in civ5 mod browser

v0.3 (Sept 27, 2010):
- rescale of almost all units, 12 formations added

v0.1 (Sept 25, 2010) :
- initial release of the fleet part of the mod
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