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(R&F) He5oRule Set Overhaul v1.00

Mod collection gathered with some reloaded old mods to give the best multiplayer experience

  1. Ahmed Waleed
    Attention: Rise and Fall expansion is required.

    I'd like to introduce a mod collection gathered to enhance our civilization 6 multiplayer games, we are really looking forward to finding more people who are interested in this collection so we can have more games.

    Old/Incompatible mods are edited and reloaded by me, so feel free to report any bug or suggest features.

    You are welcome to join this channel: https://discord.gg/55D5x4X

    Brief description for the collection mods:
    Note: not all the mods are imported with full features, since some of those features just does not fit in our multiplayer games, for more detailed change list: https://gaming.csed22.com/civ-vi/ (A Module with the change list for every edited mod will appear if you click on the row)

    8 Ages Of Pace:
    Slowing the tech tree, civic tree and great people a bit.
    Automated Builders:
    It was meant for GS, so it was edited to work fine with R&F.
    Better Balanced Game:
    All the changes up-to-date with the original mod, but with more R&F friendly features.
    Better Loading Screen:
    Quality of life.
    Better Report Screen:
    Quality of life.
    Better Starting Plots:
    Better spawns, more space between civilizations.
    Better Tech Tree:
    Quality of life.
    City State Handicap:
    More amenities and housing for them.
    CiVI Reformation Victories:
    It was made 2017, so it was reloaded to work fine with current version of the game, it is always good to have more ways of winning.
    Civitas City States Expanded:
    Very nice add to the collection, with small tweaks to fit in.
    CPL Helper (Customized based on v.94):
    Since the original mod it heavily dependent on GS, a simplified version was made for R&F to provide basic functionality in our multiplayer games.
    Current Time of Day:
    Good to have.
    Fast Dynamic Timer:
    Good to have.
    Harder Era:
    Less Era score (to balance '8 Age of Pace').
    So much better and more convenient promotions.
    Random edits with no general title.
    Pantheons are buffed to make all worth picking.
    Buffs based on 'Better Balanced Game' mod changes.
    Makes the useless wonders more interesting.
    Historic Speed:
    Slow down the snow balling effect.
    Quality of life.
    New Era Settler:
    Slow down the settling rush.
    Notification Log:
    Quality of life.
    Nuke Razing:
    Quality of life.
    Ranger Cats:
    Good to have.
    Reasonable Barbarians:
    Delays the barbarian scout a bit, so we can take our breath.
    Spy City Tooltip:
    Makes espionage and visibility more interesting.
    Sukritact's Simple UI Adjustments:
    Quality of life.
    Tsunami Waves Lite Version:
    Good to have.
    Village Tile Improvement:
    Trading post of civ 6.

    Making this collection was totally inspired by lekmod (From NQ civ v group).

    And last two disclaimers:

    1. Copyrights for all mods included in this collection are reserved for the original authors.
    2. Since I do not have a game on steam I could not add my work on steam workshop, if someone wants to help me with this point I'd welcome that very much :), also anyone are free to use/modify all/part of content
    in the collection and it would be nice if you mention the collection link when you do that <3.

    Here is a topic post I made earlier descripting the collection as well: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/overhaul-game-changes-mod-collection-he5orule-set.663458/