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R8XFT's Dido of Carthage : 3D animated, era specific leaderhead (Reupload) 2017-07-17

Dido of Carthage +2 variations from ADClassic and ADII made by R8XFT

  1. Nathiri
    Thread here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/dido-of-carthage-3d-animated-era-specific-leaderhead.126923/

    Creator: R8XFT (re-uploaded by permission)

    Extract the necessary files to the usual leaderhead folders in your mod.

    Other Dido Files by R8XFT:
    Ancient Era different hairstyle from ADClassic:

    From ADII:
    It has a different look and has a similar hairstyle to another leaderhead called Penelope of Ithaka.