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Race to the Moon 2016-10-05

Race to the Moon

  1. Tommy Sieve
    I've made a few fantasy maps/and others for Civ 3 but I need to know how to let you download it. I hope this is right. If you have any problems please reply or if you have any compliments, don't hesitate to add!;)

    This one is called: Race to the Moon
    Your Island is on earth, but far to the north east is the Moon. Your islands are ideal to start but they only have horses, iron and saltpeter and a few goody huts. On the moon, there is everything. Once you have reached the moon, victory is impossibly easy. Once your there you can win anyway you want, and possibly, you can reach once more into space to Alpha Centauri. But, if you are beaten there, conquest victory will literally be impossible. With all this knowledge, it must be easy to win. However, your first island is small and miles away from the moon....