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Radiant Additional Base Buildings 2.1

3 new base buildings and some tweaks to give you mainly more GW slots & governor titles.

  1. Shiroifushicho
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE STATUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Updated on the 08/09/2018

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Don't you ever feel like an idiot when you have your great persons standing like idiots and waiting for a theater building to be built so you can use them ? Okay this is not completly unrealistic since there have always been homeless unrecognized artists in streets (almost like me lol), but this is annoying as f**k for civ6 players. Another point, don't you ever feel frustrated when you end a game with so few promoted Governors ? ... Me and my civ6 playing friends we say : Oh f**k yes ! And finally ... why the h*** espionnage starts at renaissance era ? there was recorded spies at antiquity (Egypt/China), classical (Europe) ...

    Well, if you agree this mod is shaped for you and respect game balance to avoid ruining your difficulty pleasure. If you wanna skip this and to sum up : for you and AI's, more Great work slots, more governor's tittles and a sooner spy !

    First, This mods will add a Great work slot of writing to each one of your libraries ... because ... this makes f**king sense and it's about time ... isn't it ?! (Thanks Alightpink for the idea)

    Then this mods will provide you a total of 2 more Great work slots of any (called Palace slots) awarded with Government Plaza district already existing buildings. Because i have no difficulties to imagin the leader of a country with the national treasures not far ... isn't it ?!

    Also this mods will add a first whole new building, with arts faithful to the game graphics (i tried hard on that specific point !), that will provide you several little bonus (yet never overpowered), but most important thing : A governor tittle each time you build it ! Still yet balanced, why ? because you can only build one of these building per city ofc ! nice isn't it ?

    To finish you off, a little later, and to end once for all these homeless great person musician f**kers, that mod will add a special building in your entertainement district (whatever kind it is) where you will be able to lay one of his pieces of music ! that's right very much earlier in the game than for vanilla !

    Guess what's bonus ? These 3 buildings actually existed or still exist today, i gave them realistic bonus's and realistic slots and i even wrote their civilopedia lines.

    And that's all folks !

    Please be aware part of the art this mod are my own property (im an artist, look for Shiroho on web) and should not be used without my consent.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD CONTENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Let's see what this mod do in detail :

    ---- Library Change ----

    Adds 1 Great Work of Writing slot in each library built.

    ---- Government buildings Change ----

    Adds 1 Great Work slot of any type in the 2 first TIER of government plaza which include :

    - Ancestral Hall (TIER 1)
    - Audience Chamber (TIER 1)
    - Warlord's Throne (TIER 1)
    - Foreign Ministry (TIER 2)
    - Grand master's Chapel (TIER 2)
    - Intelligence Agency (TIER 2)

    ---- New Building : Forum ----

    If you decide to build it, it will provide you :

    Production Cost : 250
    Maintenance Cost : None
    Civic availability : Code of Laws
    Prereq building : Monument
    District : City Center
    +1 housing (Wink to Age of Empire's starting Forum).
    +1 Gold per turn (Forum were historically the first known places of commerce) .
    +1 Governor Title (Forum were also and even more the first place that saw politics be born).

    ---- New Building : Great City Square / Great City Square On Water ----

    This new building is declined in 2 forms. The first one called "Great City Square" is built in Entertainment Complex district. The other "Great City Square On Water" is built in the Water Park district. They are strictly the same and brought the same bonuses.
    If you decide to build it, it will provide you :

    Production Cost : 280
    Maintenance Cost : 2
    Civic availability : Game & Recreation
    Prereq building : None
    District : Entertainment Complex (Any of them, included Brazil's)
    +1 Amenity bonus.
    +1 Tourism bonus. (that would be your earliest one from the starting ages)
    +2 Culture per turn. (it makes sense, and it's reasonable)
    +1 Great Work of Music slot. (that will make your earliest one from the starting ages)

    ---- New Building : Secret Council Hideout ----

    This 3rd Building was extremly necessary in this game in my opinion. It symbolize the birth of Espionnage in this game. And my friends, i have to say Firaxis had it wrong. First thing : Realism. Espionnage have actually existed since a very long time, Suntzu for China, Rome empire for Europe (5th and 7th centuries) it helped greatly to build first empires and that fact shouldn't be ignored (quoted wikipedia in civiliopedia description). Second, espionnage system is not that bad in civilization game, only if you have a mod to set counterspy ops to at least 60 turns (i have a mod in my radiant set if you need that btw) you can even have real pleasure to play with it so ... why deprive ourselves of it ?

    Be careful though ! If you want your first spy sooner badly ... you will have to brave the maluses it will lay upon your head ! Reasons ? Realism (was not cheap to lead spy ops at early ages) and fun (finally may be finally a reason to fear loyalty in this game ?) and no ! i don't think i was THAT nasty on these maluses.

    If you decide to build it, it will provide you :

    Production Cost : 400 (because free first spy included)
    Maintenance Cost : 7 (lol yeah ... Friendly advise : check your economy before building it)
    Civic availability : Political Philosophy
    Prereq building : Tier1 Government Building (any of them)
    District : Government District
    +1 spy unit slot.
    +1 free first spy. (with all the production cost you invested, i can give you that haha)
    - 5 Loyalty malus in each city. (check also that before building it lol)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD COMPATIBILITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    This mod only work when a whole new game is created while activated and can't work on already existing saves. Sorry it couldn't be avoidable.

    This mod is meant to be compatible with most of the existing mods (has been tested with 150+ of my mods). Though if you have a problem, you can notice me if you need help to fix it manually.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD FUTURE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    -No current ideas

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPECIAL THANKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Thanks Alightpink who gave me the idea of the +1 greatwork slot of writing for libraries.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RADIANT MODS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    You can find all my mods by searching the "radiant" in steam workshop, nexus, or civfanatics, which is a recurrent word in all my mod's tittles.


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