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Radiant Additional Base Buildings 2.1

3 new base buildings and some tweaks to give you mainly more GW slots & governor titles.

  1. A 3rd Building ! and some small nerfs

    New 3rd building : Secret Council Hideout (Government District, require 1st Tier building)
    careful with this one guys. Heavy maintenance cost to gain and a serious multi-city loyatly malus, but it will grant your first spy way sooner ! Make sure you take a look at your governement/civilization/city values before building it ! It's funnier when it's a little hard ; )

    Also, some little nerf on two first building (nothing nasty, just little more production and maintenance cost +1 on Square, removed on forum but -1 gold on forum). I am really happy with these change because they are really close to a firaxis rendement balance values, but little slightly harder.
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