Radiant Additional Everlasting Policies 2.0

adds 15 New Everlasting Policy cards with original and realistic effects

  1. Shiroifushicho
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE STATUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Updated on 08/09/2018. See the changes in the change notes button.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Did you ever feel bored by the dull policy cards provided by vanilla game ?
    Don't you ever wanted some nice policy cards to stay forever ?
    Or Don't you ever take several mods that give you policy cards but in the end you just feel lost in them and just get back to the vanilla one you always pick ?

    Well, this mod is MADE - FOR - YOU ~ !

    Radiant Additional Everlasting Policies adds 15 New Everlasting Policy cards with original and realistic effects !

    Either read mod content or just subscribe and let the surprise happen !

    Meaning they will provide you usually something else than flat bonus's which actually make the government part of the game annoying. Lucky you, they will be available in early ages (Most of them are already available past classical era) and if you like a particular combo (or if you are just a lazy a**) they will never be obsolete and will last till the end of your game.

    The 5 wildcards ones are really powerful while the red/green/yellow have reasonable effects compared to vanilla's (but still a bit more interresting you will see).

    I was inspired by many many effects i could find in the game and put lots of time gathering data, coding and testing them. The original idea i had when i imagined this mod for myself was to replace and beat all the already existing policy card mods (Raen, NPP2, Reformation, etc..) not speaking necessarily of power ... but to live more interresting games. If you already have these mods, i advise you to switch them off. Not that mine is not compatible, it actually is @ 100% but there will be a big useless mess of policy cards at some point in such a multi mod game.

    Final point : if you want to know how and why i created these particular cards, you can go read the details in game in civilopedia description !

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD CONTENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Let's see what this mod do in detail :

    -------------------- Adding policies --------------------

    ---- Leap Of Faith ----
    Diplomatic : +1 Faith from each of your city-state Envoys. +1 Influence points per turn toward earning Envoys.
    Availability : Mysticism

    ---- Culture Profundness ----
    Diplomatic : Grants +1 Envoy when any world wonder is built. +1 Influence points per turn toward earning Envoys.
    Availability : State WorkForce

    ---- Master's Reflect ----
    Diplomatic : +5% Culture and +3% Faith per City-State you are the Suzerain of. +1 Influence points per turn toward earning Envoys.
    Availability : Early Empire

    ---- Ransom Or Death ----
    Military : Your Melee Land Units get the ability to turn their kills into a Gold ransom up to 20% of the defeated unit strengh.
    Availability : Code Of Laws

    ---- Arsenal Unveiling ----
    Military : +1 Influence points per turn toward earning Envoys. All your units get a +5 Combat Strengh bonus against any city-state units.
    Availability : Military Tradition

    ---- Holy Writings Escorts ----
    Military : All Religious units get +4 Religious Strength in theological combat. +1 Movement for Religious units.
    Availability : Theology

    ---- Warrior Sacred Path ----
    Military : +20% experience bonus for your Land units. +1 Great General point per turn.
    Availability : Military Tradition

    ---- Cousinship ----
    Economic : Your Trade Routes to an Ally's City provide +1 Food and +1 Culture for both cities. Alliance Points grow 25% faster.
    Availability : Recorded History

    ---- Regional Products Promoting ----
    Economic : +1 Gold and +1 Culture bonus from domestic Trade Routes.
    Availability : Recorded History

    ---- National Military Service ----
    Economic : +5 City Ranged Strengh. Newly trained Builder get +1 Charge.
    Availability : Military Training

    ---- Worshiped Emperor ----
    Wildcard : +2 Gold, +2 Faith and +2 Production in the Capital. Also open Borders with all city-States.
    Availability : Theology

    ---- National Martial Art ----
    Wildcard : +1 Movement, +5 HPs per turn when healing all all territories and +4 Combat Strengh for your Melee Footman Land Units (excluding Cavalry & Chariots).
    Availability : Military Training

    ---- Divine Heritage ----
    Wildcard : +50% Tourism and +2 Faith from each Relic. Each one of your cities earns +2 Culture.
    Availability : Theology

    ---- God's Holy Land ----
    Wildcard : Each Envoy you send to a city-state of your majority Religion counts as two Envoys. (Must have a majority Religion.)
    Availability : Theology

    ---- Shadow Assassins Clan ----
    Wildcard : Your Spies have their level increased by 1 for offensive operations while Your Enemy Spies level are reduced by 1 in your lands. Your cities are affected by a -1 Gold Malus and a -2 Amenities Malus.
    Availability : Defensive Tactics

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD COMPATIBILITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    This mod only work when a whole new game is created while activated and can't work on already existing saves. Sorry it couldn't be avoidable.

    This mod is meant to be compatible with most of the existing mods (has been tested with 150+ of my mods). Though if you have a problem, you can notice me if you need help to fix it manually.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD FUTURE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    - Adding a specific Diplomatic Action i have in mind that would be a little subpart of this mod.

    - Might be updated several times because of adjustments toward game difficulty balance.

    - Warn me if there is any complaint about game difficulty balance. It's important to me to know if there is something absolutely wrong. Don't be mad if i don't listen your request though, i will have to be agree with you and test your fact several times before making a change.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPECIAL THANKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Thanks to my cat who messed my code while i was sh***ing, resulting leaked errors that i only noticed later and had to take an hour to fix...

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RADIANT MODS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    You can find all my mods by searching the "radiant" in steam workshop, nexus, or civfanatics, which is a recurrent word in all my mod's tittles.


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