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Radiant Additional Everlasting Policies 2.0

adds 15 New Everlasting Policy cards with original and realistic effects

  1. Several Balance Changes

    Nerfs :

    - Regional Products Promoting : +1 Gold and +2 Culture bonus for domestic roads (instead of +2 Gold and +1 Culture) because gold can sometimes stack up too much with game modifiers and equal an international trade which was not the point.

    - Culture profoundness : Removing the +1 Great Merchand Point per turn. Because this card is powerful enough without it.

    - Divine heritage : Remving the + 2 faith per city. Because you have to get relics to get the faith bonus provided by this card, there won't be a free one anymore.

    - Shadow assassin : Removing the + 2 gold capital, Now affect a malus of -1 gold and -2 Amenities in each of your city. Was way too much powerful compared to "Police State" policy card.

    - Warrior sacred path : +100% experience bonus now becomes +20% experience bonus and affect only Land units. Was completly broken because this bonus can break the limit amount of exp earned per turn per unit. Also was way too much powerful compared to "After Action Reports" policy. Special Thanks to bobbyandassociate for his feedback about that.

    Buffs :

    - Ransom or death is now also affecting chariots (light and heavy). Because that makes sense.

    Fix :

    - Worshiped Emperor in game gold bonus value was natively +5 gold instead of the +4 mentionned in description.

    Possible Issue Remaining :

    - National Martial Arts : Some complained about the Zone of control ignoring bonus which could be a bit OP. I can understand that opinion, it's powerful but i kinda wouldn't totallya pprove a removal of it since this only affect Land melee footman units (very selective among civ6 units, not cavalry, not chariot, not naval, not air, not ranged, not siege) which is really somekind of the hard buff they needed against other military units. So still testing this and will decide later.
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