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Radiant Better Unit Promotions 1.0

This mod changes dull vanilla promotion trees into better, more realistic and funnier ones.

  1. Shiroifushicho
    If you want to discover these promotion effects, and since a picture is worth thousand words, i simply advise to browse the screenshots of the mod. Keep in mind these could change a lot until final version. (Couldn't display naval Units screenshots ... stupid limit of 10 linked picture, visit this mod page on steam if you need to see them)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE STATUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Final Version released on 07/09/2018.

    You can see the changes by hitting the related button. Final words for all the kind, polite and helpful subscribers : Thank you for existing ! you actually matter a lot and give me motivation to create more mods !

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Well here we are, after 2month working hard, around 4400 code lines and a hundred handmade promotion icons later, here is the biggest baby i ever made !

    I always thought there were several things wrong with the actual civilization 6 combat balance. Some values here were too strong, some other here useless in specific situations they really should not. Like lot of mod creators, I tried to solve that with tweaking units raw stats, but that wasn't right. New issues kept poping out in my face out when i used to solve one point. And someday i had this bright and crazy idea : Making over all the promotions trees were the best way, but hard in my opinion to balance the game. Because promotion tree suggest an evolution through xp which can easily bend balance between units.

    Now here we are ! All 14 promotions trees has been totally re-built with brand new promotions. Some will remind you a vanilla nostalgic effect but in most of cases you will meet brand new effects which you will have to learn again !

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD CONTENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    My main goals while making these new promotion trees were :

    • Giving every class at least one irresistible value/aspect so that none feel let down anymore. Now each one of them has become tempting, we will see colored and various armies instead of you f****ng know what i mean ! and ... you also know why !

    • More balanced, more useful and more specializing choices at the same time. Vanilla was often specializing but evident choices, and then also sometimes on one side a promotion that feel almost useless. That way, players always end up picking the same promotion path ... Boring ! When i was running my final testings, i was happy of my work only when i couldn't decide which promotion to take. That's the feeling i tempted to recreate every time.

    • Realism ! in the tiny details that will give you pleasure to play your units and impatiently reach the promotion time. On each promotion i tried to imagin something very plausible in reality. It was really difficult to think of that while wanting the rest of the criteras filled.

    • Every Unit has now a Native Ability. For some, you won't be surprised (for instance anti-cavalry and their ability against cavalry, i didn't invent water here !). Even if these are most of time little bonuses, they already specialize your unit class and will drasticly change your thinking of a strategy while fighting.

    • A funnier gameplay as a result. These new promotions/abilities will force player to move and attack with units in a more structured and strategic way. Each unit type has now its own strategies and has almost everytime a "counter promotion tree" unit.

    • If you remember the first point : Nerfing ranged ! if not, read it again : p A bit like Skyrim with stealth bow assassin, we always end up to make ranged armies because of our lazyness. Because ranged are way too much powerful and handy in this game. Don't worry though, i surely don't want to throw them out, to sum up, they will be more fun to play, but less powerful.

    • All naval classes get their healing ability sooner. (because that was really annoying)

    • Wars from seas will be a lot tougher to pull out. I want all naval units feeling like more threatened by land or air units. So i lowered their overall power, which was ... between you and me, waaaaayyyyyy too much strong ! And i did let few dangerous anti-naval abilities / promotions among land and air units.

    • Air units range increase slightly better through their respective promotion. Because f**k that plane that can't reach an enemy unit at city doors !

    • No overpowered class. Your favourite promoted units can always be in danger because of the lack of powerful defending effects i removed into vanilla promotion trees. I took time to let in each unit a specific weakness or defense breach. A bad move during a turn, AI/player surprising you with the right units, and bam ! You pay the hard price. That's also about realism, no one is ever invincible. Vanilla tree promotion hardly let some weaknesses, and that was one of the reason our wars were annoying i figured that out.

    • New and actually beautiful for once, promotion icons which fit better its effects/title (with real gold/bronze color, ultimate will be a greenish alliage that make me think of weird reflections on japanese tamahagane). <<< Words about that for mod creators >>> : These are product of several hours sweating on photoshop. Don't use them without asking my consent.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD COMPATIBILITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    This mod only work when a whole new game is created while activated and can't work fully on already existing saves. Sorry it couldn't be avoidable. (It actually can work if you add the famous line in the modinfo but i don't advise it for this mod integrity)

    This mod is meant to be compatible with most of the existing mods (has been tested with 150+ of my mods). Though if you have a problem, you can notice me if you need help to fix it manually.

    - Compatible with "Unit expansion (Steel and thunder)" Mod. Had to remove its anti-cavalry bonus and rewrite mine over it.
    - Compatible with "More Monks" Mod. (Change about Warrior Monks should not conflict anymore)
    - Compatibility patch for other mods might come later.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD FUTURE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    - Better text formating on each promotion description and correct grammar if necessary
    - Civilopedia is empty for now. I will fill that when final version will be ready.
    - Beside Game Balance, I am also actually trying to find a way for Ai's to get free promotions for their units. As they are not as clever as us to do that, they deserve it, for the sake of harder and funnier wars. If you know already a way, tell me.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RADIANT MODS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    You can find all my mods by searching the "radiant" in steam workshop, nexus, or civfanatics, which is a recurrent word in all my mod's tittles.


    1. AirBomber.jpg
    2. AirFighter.jpg
    3. LandAntiC.jpg
    4. LandHeavyC.jpg
    5. LandLightC.jpg
    6. LandMelee.jpg
    7. LandRanged.jpg
    8. LandRecon.jpg
    9. LandSiege.jpg
    10. 1499009957_preview_LandWarriorMonk.jpg