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Radiant Better Unit Promotions 1.0

This mod changes dull vanilla promotion trees into better, more realistic and funnier ones.

  1. Final version is out !

    Im happy to announce you that Final version is here !

    Our little fellow the Warrior Monks see their promotion tree and unique passive ability covered aswell ! After my last tests i was so happy, they now have a very interresting gameplay ! Big thanks goes to ILOVEJETTROOPER who help me out to remind that wounded target mecanic.

    Thanks for your feedbacks, it helped me out big time to correct text formatings, text grammar mistakes (@A Suicidle Scotsman : "Queel" is now "keel" !) & code errors. Still keep an eye on this for the future, we never know if someone find any other omission or mistake someday.

    Im sorry for any inconvenience if you had a saved game from beta version (some promotions might glitch, especially for warrior monks which recieve their new promotion tree) Thought i have to say it might not completly broke your game and hopefully you will be able to finish it.
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