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Radiant Light National Wonders 1.1

adds 8 National Wonders buildings with original effects (based on Magil's Mod)

  1. Shiroifushicho
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Before starting, you guys must know that this mod only exist thanks to Magil's Wondrous Wonders mod (check link below in special thanks). I think i wouldn't ever have the idea myself to make these National Wonders. By looking at his mod many times, playing many games with it, i felt totally convinced and i think it could have even been an official release. Let's praise creator's kindness, because he allowed me to make my own mod of these National Wonders based on his mod's concept, which is always just so you know a generous decision in the modding world. That being said, if in the future this mod brings you balance problems, bugs, conflicts or any kind of issue, this will not be Magil's fault but only mine.

    Why did i feel the need to make a cover of these National Wonders ? Well first of all I don't pretend to make better ones, but it's more another interpretation of what National Wonders could have been in another guy's head. Here are the main differences i thought about :

    - To be honest, during some game i feel like kinda lost in these numerous wonders. Magil's mod work nice but still i wanted to create a compacted/light alternative version with only 8 National Wonders so i can still have them in a game, but much in a more discreet way.

    - Each one of them is affected to a single district (So if you follow me there will be only 8 districts covered / 15 existing in total) and they gather several similar bonus effects you can already find in Magil's mod + few new ones i brought back from my knowledge and some tweaks.

    - They are not available at the same time/era (so always in the same order), letting you do your preparations when one of them is coming.

    - My Light National wonders will give you strong overall bonuses ... but to complicate things a little, you will be able to build them only if you take some risks : Each of their production cost is really heavy, and their maintenance cost is high aswell. To sum things up : A nice bonus in sight, But ! You will have to deserve it, working your a** out to seize it !

    And that's all, this is how i would have conceived National Wonders myself ! Try it out and i hope you will love them !

    (Won't ever do it for Amenity district because amenity is already a almost too much powerful in this game.)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD CONTENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Let's see what this mod do in detail :

    -------------------- Adding National Wonders (Unique City Exclusive Buildings) --------------------

    Each of these National Wonders has heavy production cost depending of its era, and a heavy 5 gold maintenance cost. They also often require a first building to be built.

    ---- Elite Forces Quarters ----

    District : Encampement
    Civic required : Military Training

    + 8 City Inner Defense (Ranged attack power).
    +20% Production in this city towards Land units.
    +20% Experience and +4 Combat Strength bonuses for Military Lands units produced in this City.
    +1 Great General point per turn.

    ---- Navy Master Carpenter ----

    District : Harbor
    Civic required : Naval Tradition

    +20% Production in this city towards Naval units.
    +1 movment for all sea units tained in this city.
    +20% Experience and +4 Combat Strength bonuses for Military Naval units produced in this City.
    + 1 Great Admiral point per turn.

    ---- Grand Temple ----

    District : Holy Site
    Civic required : Divine Right

    3 Slots for Religious Works of Art or Sculptures and 2 slots for Relics which can be all themed.
    Your Apostles get the chaplain promotion for free.
    +2 monks units if you have requirement (You already founded your religion).
    +1 Great Prophet point per turn.

    ---- Golden Bazaar ----

    District : Commercial Hub
    Civic required : Medieval Faires

    +1 Trade Route capacity.
    Domestic routes from this city provide +2 Gold.
    International routes related to this city provide +2 Gold to both cities.
    Each luxury resourced worked by this city provides +2 Gold.
    Each bonus ressource worked by this city provides +1 Gold.
    +1 Great Merchant point per turn.

    ---- Metalworks ----

    District : Industrial Zone
    Civic required : Nationalism

    +15% Production in this city.
    +2 Production to each strategic resource worked by this city.
    +1 Great Engineer point per turn.

    ---- National Culture House ----

    District : Theater
    Civic required : The Enlightement.

    +20 % Culture in this city.
    2 Great Writing slots, 3 Great Art slots, and 2 Great Music slots, automatically themed when filled.
    +1 Great Writer point per turn.
    +1 Great Artist point per turn.
    +1 Great Musician point per turn.

    ---- HighTech Facility ----

    District : Campus
    Civic required : Cold War

    +20% Science in this city
    +30% towards Space Race projects in all cities.
    +1 great scientist point per turn.
    +1 great engineer point per turn.

    ---- International Airport ----

    District : Aerodrome
    Civic required : Rapid Deployment

    +100% Tourism pressure from this city towards other civilizations in the Modern era or later.
    +20% production toward Air units in this city.
    +20% Experience and +4 Combat Strength bonuses for Military Air units produced in this City.
    +10% Culture in this city.
    +2 Great Merchant points per turn.

    ---- City Savings Operation ----

    Type : Project
    Tech required : Writing
    Production Base Cost (only for refreshing it) : 1000 x Gameprogress% (end @10000)

    10% City Production Output Turned into Gold. (City with 40 production will generate 4 gold per turn while this project is active)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD COMPATIBILITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    This mod only work when a whole new game is created while activated and can't work fully on already existing saves. Sorry it couldn't be avoidable. (It actually can work if you never has such infos, never built them but it's not advised)

    This mod is meant to be compatible with most of the existing mods (has been tested with 150+ of my mods). Though if you have a problem, you can notice me if you need help to fix it manually.

    This mod is not compatible with :

    - Magil's National Wonders Only
    - Magil's Wondrous Wonders

    Though it should work fine if you take only his "World wonders Only" mod which is not related with National Wonders.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD FUTURE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    - Values / Effects Changes if they are too weak / too powerful.
    - May doing one or two more for gouvernment district, housing, or aqueduc. But i don't feel the need or motivation for now.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPECIAL THANKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The mod creator Magil (Napstablook) of course and his National Wonders mod : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=877194807

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RADIANT MODS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    You can find all my mods by searching the "radiant" in steam workshop, nexus, or civfanatics, which is a recurrent word in all my mod's tittles.


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