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Radiant Light National Wonders 1.1

adds 8 National Wonders buildings with original effects (based on Magil's Mod)

  1. Adding somekind of a "stand by" mode City Project

    Added a new Project in addition of the 8 National Wonders.

    This project will be useful when you will want a City in "stand by" mode.
    Its production cost is huge and incrementing with game progress. I was thinking about you and me not to be annoyed every few turns if your city has very high production output.

    Your city will produce a reasonnable, almost weak, bonus of 10% gold of its native production output. I really didn't want more than that, since it should be your very last alternative. Meaning a city with a solid 40 production output (around medieval average) will produce only 4 gold per turn with that project active. Im sorry but our laziness has a cost and it's better than nothing ! im sure you agree with me : D

    Available at "Writing" technology.
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