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Radiant Samurais 3.0

This mod buffs and adds a funnier gameplay to samurai by giving it a new promotion tree

  1. 2.0

    2.0 Version is out !

    Graphics :

    - New awesome handmade icons in promotion tree !
    - New Samurai portrait !
    - New Samurai icons !

    Code :

    - Samurai is not replacing any other unit.
    - NERF 1 : Samurai can't be upgraded into musketman or any other more advanced unit.
    - NERF 2 : Samurai can't be upgraded from swordman or any other older unit.

    Compatibility :

    - With "Steel and thunder : Unit expansion", you need to desactivate a specific line to prevent samurai being replacing the longswordsman (line 53). The main reason doing so is that samurai would become upgradable from/into something. Since this unit now got its own unique promotion tree and own rules, many bug/glitches can happen from this moment if this line remain : the fact it is sharing another promotion tree before or after being upgraded will result one of the tree only 1/3 available and cumulating with the other. Your game might not be glitched but i really don't advise you to let that line active for your save safety and difficulty balance.
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