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Radiant Samurais 3.0

This mod buffs and adds a funnier gameplay to samurai by giving it a new promotion tree

  1. First Volley of nerfs

    Obviously my new samurai is little much too much powerful ! Don't worry im doing these slightly and with lot of testings. It's important to keep our game fun.

    - Promotions rearranged. Niten ichi ryu style (3 fold attack) has moved to ultimate (lvl 4 promotion).

    - Promotion prereqs onto both lvl 3 promotions less permissive. To reach "Meikyo Shisui" you mandatory need "Akuma armors" (first combat strengh bonus) promotion. To reach "Masamune Blades" you mandatory need "Wind slicer" (movement boost) promotion. That way, a lvl 5 promotion is need at least to get the Akuma armors and Masamune Blades combo, so you won't be able to amass both these nice combat strengh bonus promotions too soon.

    - Samurai base combat strengh went down from 50 to 48. Because that wasn't necessary and will stress you more against equivalent units.

    - Masamune Blades now provides : 7 Cs in all situations, and again 7 additional Cs when attacking. Resulting a +7 when defending, +14 when attacking (cutting the pear in two, to nerf our samurai defense which was way too powerful when fully promoted).

    - Fixed a bug where sometimes in exceptional cases, new unit avatar won't show up.

    - Rearranged icons according to previous changes.
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