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Radiant Samurais 3.0

This mod buffs and adds a funnier gameplay to samurai by giving it a new promotion tree

  1. version 3.0

    3.0 Version

    - Warrior Monks are not part of this mod anymore. Mod was renamed "Radiant Samurais". If you want a nice mod for Monks, i suggest you to see my other mod called "Radiant Better Unit Promotions"

    - Samurai Unit base Combat strengh brought back to 50. (they deserve it, because of the cost and maintenance and to help getting xp with dying less vs 45 and 48 units).

    - Samurai Unit base movement nerfed from 3 to 2. (the only way to have a nice mobility will be the related promotion)
    - Akuma armor promotion was revised : +7 CS bonus in all situation and additional +5 while defending (instead of a flat +10 in all situations).
    - Masamune Blades promotion was also revised : +3 CS bonus in all situation and additional +15 while attacking (instead of +7 in all situations +8 while attacking).

    Now a fully lvl 7 promoted samurai is worth :

    - 75 Combat Strength while attacking.
    - 65 Combat Strength while defending. (be careful to that new point)
    - 4 movements.

    Also Small fixes for "Steel and Thunder : Unit Expansion" and "Improved Japan" implemented.
    Samurai won't be upgradable from or into any other unit to prevent promotion tree to crash. Even with these mod active, they will remain exclusive and independant from any other war unit.
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