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Radiant World Wonders Rebalance 1.0

This mod rebalances all World Wonders, including DLC's and R&F's ones.

  1. Shiroifushicho
    It should work even if you don't own R&F expansion or any DLC.
    To sum things up : more realism, more agreable gameplay, most of them keep the same effect ideas, few original new effects yet never overpowered, and more balance (some nerfs and some buffs).

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE STATUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Actually in pre-final version. You can help me to find bugs like effect which are not triggering, omissions, or compatibility issues (only with firaxis official content or extremly popular mods).

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I have never been as disapointed by Civilization game's world wonders as in this 6th opus. I could not say there is a big something really wrong, but it's more just an accumulation of small gameplay "nay" about them that often end up ruining my pleasure to build them. So i came up with this mod to fix about everything i had in mind and i think it should please many player that gave up on them. After of course many session studying their respectives stories on wikipedia, here are the change i made :

    (Keep in mind i made this mod with my personal tastes and to propose something different than what other World Wonder covering mods are already offering, if you are not happy about these ideas you might better have to try another one)

    • Few World Wonders were just so weak that civ players used to ignore them, so i buffed them by changing their effects & features accordingly so they can keep up with the others. Unlike other WWs mods, i didn't want a complete rework but more a minimal clever and effective rebalance, meaning i changed their effects only when they were too weak, off-topic, or silly. The rest stays very close to vanilla or unchanged.

    • Slightly nerfing too strong / exagerated effects. (I hate stuff in that game that bring you an easy win on a silver plate even in highest difficulties ... you know which ones i am talking about because you never miss them, don't lie !).

    • I gave each one of them a decent average yield bonus acting as a small compensation for the lost tile (a two or three fold bonus still far inferior to a worked tile). Those who boost their surrounding tiles will have that yield bonus included on them (so they will never be useless whatever you do with your tiles). My opinion here was that a World Wonder can't realistically occupy ALL the space of a tile in such a large scale proportions and the "rest" of this surface can be still be worked. This will also convince you much better to build them ! (less yield loss)

    • Each World Wonder is now worth +5 tourism in the city where it's built (instead of the wtf-is-going-on-2 the game is giving us ... for record a single relic or some great works are already +4).

    • The effect range of Wonder who can influence other close cities is now depending of the city minimal distance + 3 tiles (so it's more flexible if you changed this value in globalparameters). I'm also fixing that for other base buildings in the game which have that same kind of effect and a static base equal to 6.

    • Great Work Slot were added when it was realistic. (I really stayed reasonnable on this).

    • Terrain & Features restriction are now more permissive. (It will be easier for sure, especially on the hardest restrictions, but i kept tracks on realism and i refused to remove them so it still require in worst cases a little thinking).

    • Removing the building prereqs added with R&F. (Because i severly disagreed with that s**t when it came up. Needing University to build Oxford, needing a shrine or a temple for any Temple wonder is just as plain silly as saying you need an Amphitheater to build Broadway... You have the tech or civic = you can do it, that's the fun of wws and that's why any player can doublecross you. I am also fixing that for Beliefs religion buildings which required Temple.

    I really hope you guys are getting my logic and priorities here (Realism, agreable gameplay, but not necessarily easier games). I really think some people will be happy about that mod and later, like me, might even can't play without it anymore.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD CONTENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Since a good picture is worth thousand words and you know that i like to explain my stuff so much that i barely ever manage to respect the steam characters limit : Browse the screenshots to get the concrete infos about these changes ! (Alphabetic Order)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD COMPATIBILITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    This mod only work when a whole new game is created while activated and can't work fully on already existing saves. Sorry it couldn't be avoidable. (It actually can work if you add the famous line in the modinfo but i don't advise it for this mod integrity)

    This mod is meant to be compatible with most of the existing mods (has been tested with 150+ of my mods). Though if you have a problem, you can notice me if you need help to fix it manually.

    Not compatible with :

    - Magil Wondrous Wonders
    - Magil Wondrous Wonders (World Wonders Only)
    - Wonder Rework
    - Many more which tweaks World wonders values or effects.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD FUTURE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    - Balance tweaks if i made some big judgment mistakes.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPECIAL THANKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    - To the mod creator Magil (Napstablook) which greatly inspired me to find replacing effects for several World Wonders.
    - To the mod creator Zebrah (The masked Man) which also greatly inspired me for many tweaks/ideas.
    - To the mod creator Pokielh which had a lot of ideas in his mods that inspired me.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RADIANT MODS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    You can find all my mods by searching the "radiant" in steam workshop, nexus, or civfanatics, which is a recurrent word in all my mod's tittles.


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