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Ramses II 2016-10-05

This will be the first leaderhead that I've actually done all the PCX files for, so if I've made a mistake or missed something please let me know.

This was requested by Watorrey and not meant to be a replacement to Unexisted's excellent Ramses Leaderhead in the works... Hopefully he can finish it soon. In the mean time this is a crappy placeholder.

While it's meant to represent Ramses II it's not especially based on his face and could probably pass for most Egyptian Pharoahs. He is wearing the Blue or War crown of Egypt.

I'm not really entirely happy with all aspects of this guy but there it is... I think I like the 'beatup' view of him most so I'm going to have to put him in a lot of games just to see him at the end

Part 1 - 2.5mb

Part 2 (includes the PCX files) - 2.7mb
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