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Randomised British Isles Map v13

Map with the coastline of the British Isles but a randomised interior

  1. True Start Regions

    - moved list of land/water plots out of main lua script and into an SQL file.

    - Stopped mountains appearing on coast.

    - All-new method for assigning start locations, based on dividing the map into pre-defined start regions (e.g. Scotland, Wales, North England, South England). The correct number of major civs will now always spawn, and they will be spread evenly across the map.

    - Civ start biases toward terrain types/features do not apply on this map.

    - Civs can have True Start regions, meaning they will spawn at a random location within that region. True-starts can be disabled in advanced setup screen.

    True starts so far:
    England - starts in Southern England
    France - starts in France, with capital city renamed to Calais.
    Norway - starts in Northern England, with capital renamed to Jorvik.
    Rome - starts in Southern England, with capital renamed to Camulodunum.
    JFD's Hadrian - starts in Northern England, capital renamed to Pons Aelius
    JFD's Antonius Pius - starts in Scotland, capital renamed to Habitancum
    Sugna's Gaule - starts in France
    Rob's Iceni - starts in Southern England
    CivilizationAce's Forest - starts in Northern England
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