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Real Balanced Pantheons (AI) 2.3

Changes and tweaks to Pantheons to help AI choose better

  1. Infixo
    New version 2.3 as of 12.06 - Earth Goddess and Initiation Rites has been fixed in the May 2020 Patch.

    Changes and tweaks to Pantheons to help AI choose better and in the process make some of them attractive also for human players.
    RBP is a result of my testing on how AI chooses pantheons. The results are: very badly. There are multiple issues with AI scoring subsystem. You can read more about them here. In the end, the result is that AI always chooses same 3-5 pantheons: Earth Goddess, God of Harvest (before June Patch), Desert Folklore, Sacred Path, God of the Forge. After June Patch - Initiation Rites and God of Craftsman.
    The changes this mod does are usually workarounds for those issues and with this mod AI behaves more sane and chooses almost every pantheon depending on their situation.

    Please note that the goal of this mod is not to add more bonuses to pantheons (go for other mods for that). The goal is make all pantheons competetive in the eyes of AI so it will diversify its choices.

    Detailed description

    Ancient bonus
    Pantheons granting bonuses to improvements are almost never chosen by AI because when the time comes to choose a pantheon, the improvements are usually not yet placed. AI doesn't check for possible improvements - this is one of key issues that this mod tries to fix.
    How? Same bonus as for the improvement is granted also for resources valid for that improvement. AI then can evaulate properly not only existing improvements but also possible future ones. This workaround is only for Ancient Era, so in the end the bonus stays the same as in the base game.
    Additionally, in Ancient Era:
    - God of the Sea: +1 Production from resources valid for Fishing Boats when unimproved
    - God of the Open Sky: +1 Culture from resources valid for Pastures when unimproved
    - Goddess of the Hunt: +1 Food and +1 Production from resources valid for Camps when unimproved
    - Stone Circles: +2 Faith from resources valid for Quarries when unimproved
    - Religious Idols: +2 Faith from Luxury and Bonus resources valid for Mines when unimproved
    - Goddess of Festivals: 1 Culture from resources valid for Plantations when unimproved

    Adjacency bonus
    There are 3 pantheons that grant adjaceny bonus for Holy Sites. Unfortunately the scoring for them is broken and generates absurd numbers. AI is actually hurting itself selecting e.g. Dance of Aurora with no Tundra tiles near-by.
    These pantheons are changed and now grant +1 Faith from specific tiles. AI scores them properly and makes sane choices.
    - Dance of the Aurora:+1 Faith from Tundra tiles
    - Desert Folklore: +1 Faith from Desert tiles
    - Sacred Path: +1 Faith from unimproved Rainforest tiles

    Changed pantheons
    These pantheons are tweaked for various reasons that are explained below.

    - Divine Spark
    Additional +1 GPP in Ancient Era from appropriate districts
    Same as above. A district needs to be placed in order for AI to take it. It happens rarely. With an extra +1 GPP scoring is sufficient to rival other pantheons. AI will take it if conditions will be good.

    - God of Craftsmen
    Added: Additionally, in Ancient Era: +1 Production from unimproved Woods adjacent to City Center.
    The original bonus cannot trigger any scoring because all resources are not yet revealed. Added Woods bonuses make up for it allowing AI to choose it and later utlize when proper resources will be revealed.

    - Fertility Rites
    City growth rate is 20% higher. +1 Food from Palace.
    (was 10%)
    This pantheon was never chosen due to its low scoring. It is boosted and Palace bonus helps AI to take it.

    - City Patron Goddess
    Added: +2 Production toward buildings in cities without a specialty district.
    Scoring for district bonus doesn't work, so I added a flat bonus to compensate. This pantheon might be chosen if AI will have 2 cities. For 1 city it still gives low scores but I don't want to make it OP.

    - Earth Goddess
    This pantheon has been fixed in the May 2020 Patch, so the mod no longer changes it.

    - Initiaton Rites
    This pantheon has been fixed in the May 2020 Patch, so the mod no longer removes it.

    New pantheons
    There are 2 new pantheons adapted from Civ5. Please note that they use existing icons.
    - One with Nature: +3 Faith from each passable Natural Wonder tile within borders.
    - Sun God: +2 Faith from Farms over resources. Additionally, in Ancient Era: +2 Faith from resources valid for Farms when unimproved.

    Not changed
    Few pantheons are not changed.
    - Lady of the Reeds and Marshes
    - Monument to the Gods
    - God of the Forge
    - God of Healing
    - God of War
    - River Goddess
    - Religious Settlements

    This mod requires Gathering Storm.
    Compatible with:
    - Religion Expanded (REx already adds a pantheon "Sun God", but they don't conflict within a game however).
    - New pantheons: Faith Pantheons, Ancient Egyptian Pantheons, Diverse Beliefs.
    - Lady of the Reeds and Marshes++.
    - Resourceful 2, CIVITAS Resources and Sukritact's Resources (please note that RBP doesn't change anything in regards to resources and generates its internal requirements dynamically to adjust to available resources except for Oral Tradition and Goddess of Festivals; these pantheons exist already in the game and they will function in a way that other resource-adding mods will make them).
    Not compatible with:
    - Any mod that changes base game pantheons.

    - @MiAMi - Russian localization.
    - @Mik1984 - Polish localization.