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Real Balanced Pantheons (AI) 2.3

Changes and tweaks to Pantheons to help AI choose better

  1. Version 2.0 June 2019 Patch

    Version 2.0 June 2019 Patch changes
    - Fixed: God of Craftsmen uses new modifiers in June Patch that have broken scoring. The mod uses other modifiers to give the same effect but they score properly.
    - Removed: God of Craftsmen no longer has bonus to Lumber Mills.
    - Changed: Adjuested Goddess of Hunt, Goddess of Festivals accordingly.
    - Removed: Initiation Rites pantheon - June Patch totally broke its scoring (gives insane values like 3000-5000) and AI always chooses it as one of the first ones. No workaround possible as both modifiers give incorect scoring.
    - Removed: Changes to River Goddess and Religious Settlements.
    - Removed: Russian localization.
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