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Real Building Upgrades 4.1.3

Building Upgrades to buildings from vanilla, Rise & Fall and DLCs

  1. Infixo
    Works with September 2019 Patch.

    Building Upgrades to:
    - Vanilla buildings (including UBs) - all except ones enabled by beliefs (the game doesn't allow to build more than 1 in a Holy City).
    - DLCs (if active): Tlachtli, Sukiennice, Basilikoi Paides, Prasat.
    - Rise & Fall: Food Market, Shopping Mall, Ferris Wheel, Aquarium, Aquatics Center, Ordu, Tsikhe.
    - Gathering Storm: Coal, Oil and Nuclear Power Plants, Hydroelectric Dam, Marae, Thermal Bath, Grand Bazaar.

    How does it work?
    - Each Building can be upgraded and since there are (usually) 3 levels of base buildings, there are also 3 levels of Upgrades. Their characteristics and parameters depend on their level (see below).
    - Each Building Upgrade has the same icon as base building with a distinctive plus sign added.
    - A Building Upgrade becomes available usually after researching a tech/civic that follows a tech/civic that grants the base building. This represents the idea that a building has to be constructed and used for some time before any upgrades can be applied.
    - All unique Buildings also have Upgrades.
    - The Upgrades are quite powerful but very expensive in terms of maintenance costs. It's by design, they are supposed to rather exclusive buildings, not seen all-around.

    Upgrades to Level 1 Buildings
    - provide 50% of base building yields,
    - some upgrades of early buildings also have unique properties or yields from improvements or resources,
    - cost approx. 45% of base building, Maintenance Cost = 1,
    - Hangar is here and you can also upgrade Palace!
    Upgrades to Level 2 Buildings
    - provide 50% of base building yields,
    - provide a unique effect or have unique properties,
    - cost approx. 60% of base building, Maintenance Cost = 2.
    - Sewer and Airport are here.
    Upgrades to Level 3 Buildings
    - provide 50% of base building yields
    - provide a unique effect or have unique properties,
    - cost approx. 75% of base building, Maintenance Cost = 3.

    Unique Rise & Fall change Yields from population have been decreased to 0.3 for Science and 0.2 for Culture (from default 0.5 and 0.3 respectively). To compensate, some upgrades have a unique effect that increases those params in the city where they are build. This allows for a true city specialization.

    Note: whenever a yield is added to an improvement or a resource, it is always to those within borders of the city with the specific building upgrade.

    Upgrades to standard buildings
    City Center
    - Palace +2 Gold, +1 Prod, +1 Science, +1 Loyalty (R&F)
    - Monument +1 Culture, +2 CS against Barbarians for all units trained in this city
    - Granary +1 Food, +1 Housing, Bananas and Wine +2 Food
    - Water Mill +1 Prod, Sheep, Cotton and Furs +2 Prod
    - Sewer +1 Housing
    - Walls (all) +1 Housing, +50 HP, +1 strength
    Theater Square
    - Amphitheater +1 Amenity, +1 Culture [R&F: additionaly +0.2 Culture per Citizen in the city]
    - Museums +2 Gold for each GWA/Artifact in the city, +1 GAP
    - Broadcast Center +1 Amenity with Range=6, +1 GMP, +1 slot for GWoM in the Broadcast Center
    - Lighthouse +1 Housing, +1 Food from Fishing Boats and Fisheries
    - Shipyard +1 Housing, +1 Prod and +1 Prod per Era, +1 GAP, +3 CS for all naval units trained here
    - Seaport +2 Gold, +Prod equal to Gold Adjacency, +1 TR, +1 Gold from Fishing Boats and Fisheries, +3 Prod from Oil Rigs
    - Library +1 Amenity, +1 Science [R&F: additionaly +0.2 Science per citizen in the city]
    - University +2 Science, +2 Culture, +1 GSP, +1 GWP [R&F: additionaly +0.2 Science per citizen in the city]
    - Research Lab +2 Science with Range=9, Oil +2 Science, Aluminum and Copper +3 Science, Uranium +4 Science
    Commercial Hub
    - Market +2 Gold, Citrus, Cocoa, Olives, Spices, Sugar, Tea +3 Gold
    - Bank +2 Gold, +1 GMP, +2 Gold to outgoing domestic TRs, +4 Gold to outgoing international TRs, Diamonds, Gold, Silver +3 Gold
    - Stock Exchange +2 Gold with Range=9, +2 Gold for each specialty district in the city
    Holy Site
    - Shrine +1 Faith, +1 GPP
    - Temple +2 Fath, +1 Food, adds +1 Relic slot to the Temple, Dyes, Incense, Tobacco +3 Faith
    Entertainment Complex
    - Arena +2 Culture, Coffee, Jade, Marble, Silk +2 Culture
    - Zoo +4 Tourism
    - Stadium +1 Amenity with Range=9, +10% to All Tourism in the empire
    - Hangar +2 Prod, +1 Air Slot, +2 Tourism, +3 CS to all air units trained here
    - Airport +2 Housing, +3 Prod, +1 Air Slot, +5% to All Tourism in the empire
    - Barracks +1 Prod, Camps +2 Prod
    - Stable +1 Prod, Pastures +2 Prod
    - Armory +2 Prod, +1 GGP, +3 CS to all land units trained here
    - Military Academy +1 Housing, +3 Prod, Flanking Bonus doubled for all units trained in the city
    Industrial Zone
    - Workshop +1 Housing, +1 Prod, Quarries and Mines over resources +1 Prod
    - Factory +1 Housing and +1 Prod with Range=6, +2 Prod per Era, +1 GEP
    - Power Plant +2 Prod with Range=9, +2 Prod for each specialty district in the city, Oil Wells +3 Prod
    Water Entertainment Complex (Rise & Fall only)
    - Ferris Wheel +1 Tourism, +1 Appeal to city tiles
    - Aquarium +1 Amenity with Range=9, +1 GSP
    - Aquatics Center +1 Amenity with Range=9, +5% to All Tourism in the empire
    Neighborhood (Rise & Fall only)
    - Food Market Plantations and Pastures +2 Food
    - Shopping Mall +2 Tourism, Luxury resources +2 Gold

    Upgrades to Unique Buildings
    The below list shows only extra features in addition to the standard upgrade
    - Stave Church Lumber Mills +3 Faith
    - Madrasa [R&F: extra +0.1 per citizen]
    - Electronics Factory +1 Housing and +1 Prod with bigger Range +3, extra +1 Prod per Era
    - Film Studio +1 Amenity with bigger Range +3, +1 GMP, +1 slot for GWoM
    - Tlachtli (dlc) +1 Amenity, +1 Faith
    - Sukiennice (dlc) +1 GMP
    - Basilikoi Paides (dlc) +1 GSP
    - Prasat (dlc) +3 Tourism
    - Ordu (rf) +1 GGP
    - Tsikhe (rf) +1 Amenity, +1 Faith, +100 HP

    Important notes
    - Buildings that provide Gold have Maintenance = 0 but Gold is lowered to account for this.
    - Upgrades to belief-enabled buildings have been removed - the game doesn't allow to have more than 1 in a Holy Site.
    - None of the upgrades provide additional Citizen Slots.
    - All Wall-type upgrades have Maintenance Cost = 1.


    1. AllBuildings.jpg
    2. palace.jpg
    3. XPBuildings.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. RefreXx
    Version: 4.0
    The new version crash at the start
    1. Infixo
      Author's Response
      Well, couple hundred people downloaded it from here and few thousands are subscribed on Steam and you are the only one report such an issue. I am pretty sure this is not caused by RBU.
  2. joaoerique
    Version: 3.1
    Amazing Mod! I really recommend it to everyone! You are awesome!
  3. Revolutionist_8
    Version: 3.0
    Nice addition to the game, gives further specialization and more choices.
  4. plus
    Version: 2.0