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Real Civilopedia 0.5

Modifiers in Civilopedia

  1. Infixo
    This mod has been released as Better Civilopedia. It is discontinued here.

    This simple mod adds to Civilopedia pages information about modifiers' structure for a given object. It uses the module I've developed for Better Report Screen, so the latter mod is required.

    I find it very handy to quickly see how the modifier is constructed, without searching in DB, making joins, etc. This mod displays all related information - effect type, collection type, arguments, requirements, flags, etc. All objects that use modifiers are supported.

    More small features:
    - Civilopedia remembers last visited page.
    - Remembers page history, back/next buttons for navigating.
    - Additional separate pages for Dedications (so the modifiers can be displayed properly).

    This mod doesn't change any game's Civilopedia files.

    - Page history based on Civilopedia Improvement mod by Putmalk.

Recent Reviews

  1. Tyolan
    Version: 0.3
    I like it! Thx again Infixo!