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Real Epic - version 1.0.1 2016-10-05

This mod should work fine in either vanilla Civ IV or Warlords. However, if you use this mod in vanilla, the Research, Wealth, and Commerce processes will have 100% efficiency (like in warlords). Vanilla had them at 50% instead.

The goal of this mod is to:
  • Allow wars to take place in each era
  • Make technologies have a far greater impact on wars and development, as per real history
  • Eliminate or reduce the likelihood of having your military units go obsolete almost immediately after they become available.
  • This is mainly intended for singleplayer, although it could probably be used for multiplayer as a means to play mainly in one era.

These things are accomplished by multiplying research costs (for ALL difficulty levels and speeds) by 10x, extending time, and multiplying city culture requirements by 3 (to prevent cultural victory consistantly ending the game in the medieval or renaissance era). Note that 10x research costs does not necessarily come out to 10x slower research, due to a number of factors.

(The readme.html in the zip file (inside the Real Epic folder) has more detail)

Most notable new features in 1.0: AIs prioritize mining, the wheel, and pottery, years are mostly correct with the Quick game speed, inflation works, and the game really shouldn't end at 1600 AD anymore.
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